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  • 381-641-2869

    By:anonymous Posted 20/03/22 21:56 PM 1
  • 847-986-7248

    By:sophie jones Posted 20/03/22 21:54 PM 2
  • 518-935-1048

    By:marie vincent Posted 20/03/22 21:52 PM 1
  • 312-274-3816

    By:anonymous Posted 20/03/22 21:50 PM 1
  • 925-446-1942

    By:aquira lopes Posted 20/03/22 21:46 PM 1
  • 646-552-8524

    By:alf edelmann Posted 20/03/22 21:44 PM 1
  • 253-240-0237

    By:kim nysted Posted 20/03/22 21:42 PM 1
  • 714-716-5329

    By:erna mader Posted 20/03/22 21:38 PM 1
  • 623-349-4988

    By:anonymous Posted 20/03/22 21:34 PM 1
  • 360-402-0906

    By:anonymous Posted 20/03/22 21:32 PM 1
  • 506-838-3139

    By:james taylor Posted 20/03/22 21:28 PM 3
    Legere survey
  • 408-856-5572

    By:anonymous Posted 20/03/22 21:26 PM 1
  • 864-428-0287

    By:acácio fogaça Posted 20/03/22 21:24 PM 1
    From Seneca, SC
  • 407-240-9231

    By:anonymous Posted 20/03/22 21:20 PM 1
  • 620-506-7104

    By:giacomo van voorden Posted 20/03/22 21:10 PM 1
  • 864-352-5264

    By:andre holt Posted 20/03/22 21:06 PM 3
    Robo Caller says that I'm eligable for a pre-authorized purchase
  • 325-291-4832

    By:nevaeh martin Posted 20/03/22 21:02 PM 1
  • 202-596-2925

    By:andre holt Posted 20/03/22 21:00 PM 2
  • 321-268-5085

    By:alison richards Posted 20/03/22 20:58 PM 1
  • 917-717-3357

    By:anonymous Posted 20/03/22 20:44 PM 2
    please block

Why can’t I find the caller name to a phone number?

Information on a certain phone number may be unavailable for a number of reasons. First, the caller name may not be listed in any databases; second, scammers tend to use fake numbers; and third, data coverage is not 100%, thereby limiting caller ID information.

What countries are supported?

At this time, Alexadivett only compiles information on U.S. and Canadian numbers. The listings are limited to these two countries; however, we plan to expand and add more phone numbers from other countries to the database in the future.

What does flagging a number as “Safe” or “Unsafe” mean?

To streamline the service, we allow users to instantly flag a phone number as safe or unsafe with the click of button. Indicating a number is safe means it is a trusted caller, while an unsafe number would refer to a scammer or other unscrupulous caller.

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