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  • 501-229-6976

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:28 AM 1
  • 606-366-0923

    By:james rey Posted 21/09/21 11:27 AM 1
    +1(606)657-4853 High Risk Terrorist - Currently Scamming on the internet pretending to be reputable Real Estate Agent(s) associated to Scam Deposits without validity or License * TO Sell or Offer.
  • 205-434-0485

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:25 AM 1
  • 661-800-8674

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:24 AM 1
  • 314-527-3376

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:22 AM 2
    +1(314)994-1699 Jay Whitelaw aka John Whitelaw 9528 Old Bonhamme Road Saint Louis, MO 63132 - using CALLER ID Manipulation: Nina Abboud and social catfish to play games on the internet via a Bogus Walt Disney Company Website Front - and Robert Whitelaw's
  • 732-649-9078

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:18 AM 1
    Warranty is expiring
  • 712-732-7122

    By:caroline edwards Posted 21/09/21 11:16 AM 2
  • 202-683-0523

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:13 AM 2
    Say government W. D. when answer just hangs up
  • 203-511-3645

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:12 AM 2
  • 503-937-4255

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:10 AM 2
  • 618-434-0044

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:07 AM 2
    Scammers spoofing this local disconnected number to avoid identification for illegally calling our Do Not Call listed phone .
  • 312-638-6542

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:06 AM 1
  • 609-890-3674

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:05 AM 1
  • 910-588-4321

    By:adriza castro Posted 21/09/21 11:03 AM 1
  • 330-676-6808

    By:dina rodrigues Posted 21/09/21 11:02 AM 1
  • 617-340-6567

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 11:00 AM 3
    No message left. Caller "Potential Spam" hung up (or was blocked, or was a robocaller) after three rings. Yet another spam call from the 617 area code....
  • 713-277-7424

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 10:59 AM 2
  • 347-669-2714

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 10:58 AM 2
  • 619-823-0747

    By:samantha brooks Posted 21/09/21 10:56 AM 1
  • 716-396-5357

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 10:55 AM 1

Why can’t I find the caller name to a phone number?

Information on a certain phone number may be unavailable for a number of reasons. First, the caller name may not be listed in any databases; second, scammers tend to use fake numbers; and third, data coverage is not 100%, thereby limiting caller ID information.

What countries are supported?

At this time, Alexadivett only compiles information on U.S. and Canadian numbers. The listings are limited to these two countries; however, we plan to expand and add more phone numbers from other countries to the database in the future.

What does flagging a number as “Safe” or “Unsafe” mean?

To streamline the service, we allow users to instantly flag a phone number as safe or unsafe with the click of button. Indicating a number is safe means it is a trusted caller, while an unsafe number would refer to a scammer or other unscrupulous caller.

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