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  • 202-365-4129

    By:ines moreno Posted 02/04/20 21:34 PM 13
    Unsolicited call wanting to buy property
  • 610-449-0668

    By:Ron Wisner Posted 02/04/20 21:32 PM 1
    Received two calls three minutes apart threatening jail and fines. First was from a female calling herself agent green. The second was from a male. Both with a noticeable Indian/Pakistani accent. May call them back to have a little fun. Caller Type: Like
  • 360-723-5660

    By:christiano van de mh Posted 02/04/20 21:27 PM 10
    Exact dates are very important .You were born on an exact date. The "Church Age" started on Pentecost Sunday May 22,33AD. May 21,1988 was the end of the "Church Age". God's Word contains many important dates and numbers. May 21,2011 was the beginning of
  • 949-279-4188

    By:amanda smith Posted 02/04/20 21:26 PM 16
    Unsolicited call wanting to buy property
  • 425-478-5727

    By:alex webb Posted 02/04/20 21:22 PM 17
  • 251-843-2323

    By:hind nieuwhof Posted 02/04/20 21:21 PM 16
    Success is a simple matter that is repeated over and over again
  • 518-595-0127

    By:anonymous Posted 02/04/20 21:16 PM 16
    This number calls at least twice a day. I have it blocked but it always gores to voicemail with no message.
  • 330-427-4829

    By:alison richards Posted 02/04/20 21:04 PM 10
    calls with no answer
  • 937-293-3162

    By:emmy ulbrich Posted 02/04/20 20:53 PM 4
    Called, no message after ringing several times.
  • 716-994-2996

    By:anonymous Posted 02/04/20 20:51 PM 17
    Unknown but found this if relevant. MYBHSC38X7X (Ritchie )
  • 857-216-6525

    By:alison richards Posted 02/04/20 20:39 PM 11
    Success is a simple matter that is repeated over and over again
  • 484-652-8787

    By:anonymous Posted 02/04/20 20:34 PM 10
    Unsolicited call wanting to buy property
  • 540-434-6500

    By:anonymous Posted 02/04/20 20:31 PM 20
    Same here. No response.
  • 551-721-2721

    By:anonymous Posted 02/04/20 20:30 PM 14
    Called, no message after ringing several times.
  • 936-435-4848

    By:zoraida peixoto Posted 02/04/20 20:26 PM 4
    Same here. No response.
  • 540-535-3515

    By:evan simmmons Posted 02/04/20 20:14 PM 12
    Received a unsolicited text "We are giving out 2000 unsold iPhones11's to our loyal customers in YOUR area!
  • 858-273-1192

    By:carlene nogueira Posted 02/04/20 20:12 PM 10
    Received a unsolicited text "We are giving out 2000 unsold iPhones11's to our loyal customers in YOUR area!
  • 732-898-6064

    By:anonymous Posted 02/04/20 20:10 PM 12
    Not sure who called as they left no message BUT this call came in after a Scam from FB that wanted to talk on google hangouts. Goes by Brig General Glenn A Goddard of US Army. Not good news on this fellow after looking him up - he's a scammer!!!
  • 516-429-9825

    By:evan simmmons Posted 02/04/20 20:09 PM 8
    they call several times a day for multiple days. Now blocked.
  • 310-735-4196

    By:پریا حسینی Posted 02/04/20 20:04 PM 19
    Called, no message after ringing several times.

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Information on a certain phone number may be unavailable for a number of reasons. First, the caller name may not be listed in any databases; second, scammers tend to use fake numbers; and third, data coverage is not 100%, thereby limiting caller ID information.

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