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  • 215-403-2197

    By:wilmer sørhus Posted 17/01/22 13:15 PM 1
    Wireless Spoofing call
  • 606-677-0596

    By:lincoln white Posted 17/01/22 13:11 PM 1
  • 707-630-2228

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 13:07 PM 1
    Fake “AT&T Free MSG” text. Gave a link that can potentially scam someone if clicked.
  • 651-762-2769

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 13:05 PM 1
  • 912-281-7398

    By:doris andrews Posted 17/01/22 13:03 PM 2
  • 414-501-2487

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 13:01 PM 1
    Nuisance id spam
  • 205-582-7140

    By:fatih akal Posted 17/01/22 12:57 PM 1
  • 386-623-3533

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 12:49 PM 1
  • 817-312-8941

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 12:47 PM 1
  • 919-653-0766

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 12:45 PM 1
  • 920-272-1491

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 12:41 PM 1
  • 404-416-8298

    By:اميرحسين گلشن Posted 17/01/22 12:39 PM 1
  • 412-455-7921

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 12:37 PM 1
    Using spoofed local number claiming to call regarding my recent fake application for disability benefits. All fake.
  • 469-217-4319

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 12:35 PM 1
  • 704-612-5322

    By:kenan öztürk Posted 17/01/22 12:29 PM 2
    Collections scam
  • 415-935-9121

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 12:27 PM 2
  • 386-246-9330

    By:isabel wang Posted 17/01/22 12:25 PM 1
  • 323-503-8213

    By:stephanie herrera Posted 17/01/22 12:19 PM 4
  • 208-813-9075

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/22 12:13 PM 1
    Keeps calling
  • 818-273-6318

    By:willard karssen Posted 17/01/22 12:11 PM 1

Why can’t I find the caller name to a phone number?

Information on a certain phone number may be unavailable for a number of reasons. First, the caller name may not be listed in any databases; second, scammers tend to use fake numbers; and third, data coverage is not 100%, thereby limiting caller ID information.

What countries are supported?

At this time, Alexadivett only compiles information on U.S. and Canadian numbers. The listings are limited to these two countries; however, we plan to expand and add more phone numbers from other countries to the database in the future.

What does flagging a number as “Safe” or “Unsafe” mean?

To streamline the service, we allow users to instantly flag a phone number as safe or unsafe with the click of button. Indicating a number is safe means it is a trusted caller, while an unsafe number would refer to a scammer or other unscrupulous caller.

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