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Area Code 999 Prefixes

  • 999-584-0706

    By:anonymous Posted 06/03/22 11:19 AM 1
  • 999-282-7615

    By:anonymous Posted 03/03/22 10:30 AM 1
  • 999-999-9999

    By:anonymous Posted 03/02/22 07:44 AM 4
    This number called my grandmother and grandfather. It was on their block list under the name “Junk (Home)”
  • 999-395-7167

    By:afşar erez Posted 29/11/21 14:13 PM 1
  • 999-902-7303

    By:anonymous Posted 29/11/21 10:05 AM 1
  • 999-450-2055

    By:viola børve Posted 01/09/21 17:40 PM 1
    I don\\\'t know who this caller is.
  • 999-994-9760

    By:anonymous Posted 27/08/21 21:47 PM 1
    Offering the fund for me
  • 999-206-5536

    By:anonymous Posted 11/08/21 08:19 AM 1
    Correction Jim01larson@gmail.com
  • 999-861-7688

    By:merv llyd Posted 10/08/21 07:11 AM 1
    had a missed call from this number tried to call back message said the number was ,,,not in service... total scammers selling crap to-get your details i suspect ,
  • 999-946-2258

    By:anonymous Posted 29/05/21 09:50 AM 1
    Person called but we didn\\\'t answer the call. We don\\\'t know anyone from there. Showed up on caller ID as Midvale, UT. I too am on the DO NOT CALL LIST. Seems as though no one is minding the store to enforce this \\\"Do Not Call List\\\" law.
  • 999-471-8841

    By:anonymous Posted 28/04/21 22:44 PM 1
    You will need file those in both states they hide their identity so the government wont find them, they have virtual office set up in Florida which forwards all of their mail from there to their real address in Boise Idaho so the government wont find ther
  • 999-657-2153

    By:samson ruijter Posted 02/04/21 11:56 AM 1
    Picked up the call and they asked for the Man of the house. Not a good idea to ask that ever
  • 999-301-3185

    By:timmothy welch Posted 04/03/21 15:06 PM 1
    I don't answer when I see a phone number I don't know. Hell I rarely answer when it's a friend calling! I searched for this number online and I'm pretty certain that it's a collection agency called Credit Management. Someone else getting these calls apart
  • 999-146-5067

    By:carlene nogueira Posted 07/01/21 03:38 AM 1
    they call and do not leave a message.
  • 999-498-9852

    By:corinna kolodziej Posted 13/12/20 16:01 PM 1
    They said they have been trying to reach me and this is my last call.
  • 999-709-8209

    By:julius pietila Posted 07/12/20 03:46 AM 1
    Keep receiving calls from this number telling me that the government is giving me a $10,000 grant. Then of course they ask you to verify information and want you to provide information. NO WAY!!!!