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  • 996-837-3124

    By:anonymous Posted 13/08/21 18:40 PM 1
    scamming rats - these filthy diseased criminals need to be placed in prison - for a very long time.
  • 996-916-5142

    By:بردیا نكو نظر Posted 14/06/21 20:37 PM 1
    The problem is that they are not calling for me, they are calling for someone else.  Even though I contact them and tell them the person they are looking for is NOT at this number they keep calling.
  • 996-254-3018

    By:anonymous Posted 19/04/21 13:37 PM 1
    Received many calls from this caller.  Finally answered tonight.  Indian-accented male voice trying to help me \"control my appetite.\"  Basically hung up on him.
  • 996-604-4158

    By:anonymous Posted 19/12/20 17:53 PM 1
    ok any low life that calls my job and pretends to be a patient to be put through to my line really deserves a bad unfulfilling life in my opinion.  To stoop that low and then threaten my.  I have filed complaints with the AG, FCC , and BBB.
  • 996-273-4044

    By:anonymous Posted 23/09/20 19:15 PM 2
    The gentleman who called gave his name as David Guess. When we asked if we could be of assistance, he stated that it was personal. He then added that it was about my boss' balls and commented .."is that personal enough for you". He was rude and vulger.
  • 996-975-5347

    By:anonymous Posted 29/07/20 04:54 AM 19
    claim to be SNP Realty LLC looking to buy my property that I do not own