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Area Code 986 Prefixes

  • 986-400-1196

    By:conrad sørby Posted 03/02/22 07:06 AM 1
  • 986-403-1003

    By:lucy chen Posted 03/11/21 10:57 AM 1
  • 986-203-0544

    By:samu jokinen Posted 19/10/21 04:46 AM 1
  • 986-895-1106

    By:anonymous Posted 14/10/21 14:06 PM 1
  • 986-895-0787

    By:anonymous Posted 12/10/21 10:50 AM 1
    These guys call me anytime (even after 10pm) any day (including Sundays).They have no respect and are under no law, since they\'re from India.No Call List? It does not apply to India...I guess that\'s what we get when we outsource our jobs.Do they really
  • 986-200-9860

    By:anonymous Posted 08/10/21 17:43 PM 1
  • 986-867-7479

    By:kasper jørgensen Posted 29/05/21 07:41 AM 1
    This number called me today claiming to be Mastercard/Visa and telling me that they were offering to reduce my interest rate to 6% because of the number of on time payments I had made and that they had to as me some simple questions. I played along and th
  • 986-666-7448

    By:hunter ma Posted 16/02/21 08:13 AM 1
    This Aaron Heaps is an idiot, I payed them religiously on a hospital bill. This idiot dug into my account and found an old credit card bill that had been sold for pennies on the dollar umpteen million times, served me with papers and doubled the amount. I
  • 986-239-7143

    By:anonymous Posted 15/02/21 05:24 AM 1
    I have received this call twice on my cellphone in the last month.  I don\'t know anyone in the state of Utah and the caller always hangs up without leaving a message.  I believe it\'s a scammer or telemarketer of some kind.  I would love to answer and te
  • 986-224-7994

    By:علیرضا نجاتی Posted 12/02/21 11:58 AM 1
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  • 986-666-8685

    By:anonymous Posted 24/12/20 22:57 PM 1
    Dear user!Your Mobile Number have won you £450,000 pounds in 2012 promo. Please is it true
  • 986-160-0828

    By:cathy foster Posted 29/10/20 13:27 PM 4
    Stated they were US Bank Fraud department and that there were fraudulent charges authorized on the credit card. Asked for date of birth and other info and we did not provide. Guy said he was working from home so don't call the published number, instead ca
  • 986-224-8138

    By:anonymous Posted 30/09/19 08:37 AM 17
    They call all hours of the nite and day. Never leave a message.
  • 986-055-2518

    By:barry wood Posted 27/08/19 15:33 PM 1
    Received a call from this number stating my Apple I cloud account was compromised from Nigeria and Pakistan. I needed to confirm my account information. Would not get off phone. Very rude person.
  • 986-325-5152

    By:dominique giraud Posted 27/08/19 04:52 AM 9
    Called said will call my employer and has been recorded in the courthouse! Scam