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Area Code 984 Prefixes

  • 984-322-0781

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 20:25 PM 1
  • 984-203-9493

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/21 08:06 AM 1
  • 984-258-3738

    By:esther navarro Posted 21/09/21 05:55 AM 1
  • 984-400-3201

    By:evan simmmons Posted 17/09/21 06:54 AM 1
    They called, I didn\\\'t answer and never left a message.
  • 984-255-0583

    By:viviane lefevre Posted 16/09/21 04:40 AM 1
    i was sent a message to my glo number dat i have won 110000 pounds in the ongoing NOKIA PROMO.Is it true?
  • 984-528-8789

    By:anonymous Posted 16/09/21 00:36 AM 1
  • 984-789-4564

    By:anonymous Posted 11/09/21 22:27 PM 1
    Calls, then hangs up
  • 984-208-0040

    By:anonymous Posted 10/09/21 01:30 AM 1
    Calls, then hangs up
  • 984-205-0791

    By:afşar erez Posted 09/09/21 01:21 AM 1
    Calls, then hangs up
  • 984-125-3919

    By:Obama Health Care pi Posted 07/09/21 23:57 PM 1
    Caller: "Customer Care" Caller Type: Machine Caller Type: Telemarketer
  • 984-647-1643

    By:anonymous Posted 07/09/21 19:24 PM 1
    I don\\\'t need or want calls from this number !!!!!
  • 984-255-4804

    By:anonymous Posted 06/09/21 04:44 AM 1
    This number has been calling me from the time I ordered Angela Pedington (Spelling?) home business (processing rebates).  After paying $197 to this scam company, I stupidly looked it up on google.  Come to find out its a scam.  So, I cancelled the order,
  • 984-329-8147

    By:nuria morales Posted 04/09/21 14:20 PM 1
    I did not answer because I did not know this number or name. I do not answer scams or a number I do not know Caller: loyaim
  • 984-205-0792

    By:anonymous Posted 04/09/21 09:39 AM 1
    what was cool for me was they kept calling me over and over looking for someone else so I turned the page and started to call them over and over and over again looking to collect a dept for usage of my cell phone minutes....lol they didnt have a freaking
  • 984-842-2813

    By:anonymous Posted 01/09/21 19:02 PM 1
    Called my work main number and asked for me by name. Call was transferred to my desk and when I answered they asked my name again and i said yes and they hung up. Caller did have an accent from somewhere like India or something.
  • 984-203-3077

    By:anonymous Posted 01/09/21 18:39 PM 1
    no distabe
  • 984-342-2887

    By:anonymous Posted 31/08/21 00:43 AM 1
    Message said "you recently inquired about an insurance quote" which I never did...I am on a non-call list, and still received this call.
  • 984-465-1003

    By:anonymous Posted 26/08/21 13:16 PM 1
    Same here
  • 984-206-8120

    By:anonymous Posted 26/08/21 11:55 AM 1
    I am getting several several calls from this number.  No messages are left.  They call all days of the week and all times of the day.  Needless to say I\\\'m quite annoyed!  Glad I could find out what that number is by looking here.  Thanks!
  • 984-255-0879

    By:anonymous Posted 24/08/21 22:58 PM 1
    Good day, can you direct me to where I can acquire Multifamily, or do you have any that you no longer need? It would be great if you can assist. Thanks for your time.