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Area Code 969 Prefixes

  • 969-919-2538

    By:blake lavigne Posted 16/03/22 03:53 AM 1
  • 969-375-4056

    By:anonymous Posted 03/10/21 21:03 PM 1
  • 969-534-5405

    By:elliot andersen Posted 08/07/21 12:10 PM 1
    Just received a call from this number and told me that it was someone from some company I couldn't understand because of the thick Indian accent and said there was a problem with my Window service and he would take me through the steps on my computer to
  • 969-649-4471

    By:anonymous Posted 18/05/21 17:02 PM 1
    calls and hangs up when my vmail kicks in
  • 969-342-6619

    By:anonymous Posted 29/04/21 01:43 AM 1
    I received phone calls from them but I don\'t answer the phone, cause I don\'t recognize the number.  My rule of thumb, if I don\'t know the number I don\'t answer!  If it is important enough then they will leave a message, and I can call them back.
  • 969-619-6843

    By:ahmet korol Posted 22/03/21 03:30 AM 1
    Calling 4 and 5 times a day. Annoying. How can i stop this. No call list is not helping
  • 969-036-2418

    By:ilona hiltunen Posted 06/03/21 15:58 PM 1
    No message left...
  • 969-435-6062

    By:anonymous Posted 16/01/21 01:46 AM 1
    I just received the same call. I had to say hello a few times and a recording comes on and said this is Jeff and says the same thing about back taxes, etc..... he gives a number to call back of 888-775-2716. My caller id shows 801-758-7215 in large font o
  • 969-840-7974

    By:anonymous Posted 31/07/20 14:25 PM 4
    Repeated calls. Never leaves a message
  • 969-366-6959

    By:anonymous Posted 02/02/20 03:16 AM 1
    called 2 times - I do not have an Apple Account and never have - the computer generated voice claims my account has been compromised