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  • 964-451-8545

    By:maria walker Posted 29/09/21 11:14 AM 1
  • 964-528-4706

    By:CBJ Posted 13/07/21 14:31 PM 1
    Idiots.....I get call after call at my unlisted number.....you have now pissed me off by bothering me, so NO I won't be doing business with you!!!!
  • 964-582-8940

    By:abbey hoffman Posted 19/05/21 12:01 PM 1
    Lol did a man named Sam Williams from Salt Lake City have an address to Delhi India to send the WU paymnet too? We just played a trick on them to see where it was going..
  • 964-663-2979

    By:azélio caldeira Posted 21/03/21 07:10 AM 1
    In Utah?
  • 964-623-3889

    By:lumi tuominen Posted 28/02/21 19:09 PM 1
    I Would not know why Collection Consultants is phoning. Maybe good news.
  • 964-853-2798

    By:louis chen Posted 27/02/21 20:25 PM 1
    This number called at 6:58 Eastern today.  They call at all hours of the day and don\'t leave any message.  Getting tired of it.
  • 964-494-6470

    By:anonymous Posted 24/08/20 23:50 PM 1
    Called my 15 year old daughter to make sexual jokes
  • 964-770-5963

    By:núbia barbosa Posted 29/07/20 20:57 PM 11
    they called saying they were from the Geek Squad. asking for Frank Smith, saying that he had spoken with them and they had done an online service (taking over the computer) to fix a problem. They said it was done this month (July 2020), well the problem w