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Area Code 963 Prefixes

  • 963-243-8409

    By:anonymous Posted 12/12/21 06:59 AM 1
  • 963-133-7388

    By:alison richards Posted 08/10/21 15:06 PM 1
  • 963-639-1569

    By:kenan öztürk Posted 30/09/21 18:07 PM 1
  • 963-121-1019

    By:sara møller Posted 15/09/21 13:48 PM 1
    i dont even own a quacking credit card. when i pressed 9 to hear the operator n tell her that she hung up on me. i tried calling back and the number was invalid. the sound it played when the call didnt go through was like a siren. filed with do not call.
  • 963-118-3189

    By:madeleine wood Posted 13/09/21 13:25 PM 1
    My caller ID showed that I got a call from 801-823-2030.  No message was left. We have outsourced all our other jobs to other countries; what is left in the USA is a bunch of telemarketers.  What a waste.
  • 963-155-9328

    By:anonymous Posted 07/09/21 05:35 AM 1
    Jonah Hill is an unfunny, mouthbreathing fatass. He is better suited to cooking fries in some suburban fast food restaurant instead of \\\'acting\\\'.
  • 963-151-2856

    By:mathew kelly Posted 05/09/21 13:40 PM 1
    IceMan,I too have been receiving the same text and verizon isn\\\'t any help. They say they never heard of ozmail. I think it is coming from somewhere in Australia. Have you downloaded anything lately from iTunes, or purchased a new phone? I just got a Mo
  • 963-192-4537

    By:alf edelmann Posted 23/07/21 23:57 PM 1
    They call this number more then one. When i pick up, a recording message come out but when you try to call back to let them know to stop calling there is no ring tone or any sound on the other line.
  • 963-040-7589

    By:lily burton Posted 16/05/21 19:36 PM 1
    This is a harassing telemarketer, scamming the sale of stickers for a non existent drug program targeting at risk youth. Caller jumbled words when asked questions, total scam. Caller Type: Non-profit Organization
  • 963-232-2310

    By:بردیا نكو نظر Posted 10/05/21 00:15 AM 1
    These harassers have called at least once a week and I have reported it repeatedly to you. To me they seem to be phishing for informaion. Please stop them!
  • 963-978-0031

    By:lumi tuominen Posted 29/03/21 17:36 PM 1
    I signed up with this group about 2 months ago. Everything has gone perfect to plan. They called me the same way they have called you guys.  The first guy interviewed me to see if i qualified, I did. Then i spoke to one of the directors. He explained the
  • 963-684-3808

    By:anonymous Posted 15/03/21 08:51 AM 1
    Got a text from this number that read as follows:\\\"hay the hey-date.com is what i was talking about\\\"I texted to ask who it was, and after no reply I called the next day. When I called I got a machine saying that it is not a working number. Seems to b
  • 963-557-4638

    By:ivan howell Posted 15/07/20 18:42 PM 5
    3 calls from the same exchange in 5 days. This is just one number. Must be scam caller