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  • 962-259-8566

    By:jonas johansen Posted 15/07/21 05:44 AM 1
    They are a very dishonest company. Will try to double dip and get you to pay a second time for a medical bill. Be very wary of this company and do not answer their calls. I am sure they are laughing all the way to the bank about the suckers they scam twic
  • 962-527-0191

    By:maria poulsen Posted 29/06/21 16:37 PM 1
    I\'ve gotten TEN calls from this number in the past week. I called back and there is no opt-out, so I am recording the calls and forwarding them to this company\'s main phone number.
  • 962-007-2841

    By:melvin oen Posted 21/05/21 16:08 PM 1
    Called at 1:43 pm. No message, no comment, just held for 10 seconds and hung up.
  • 962-727-7613

    By:anonymous Posted 05/05/21 17:24 PM 1
    I have gotten a phonecall from this number 3 days in a row.  I entered my number when it says add to do not call list.  what is this number and how can I stop them from calling me?thank you
  • 962-279-3033

    By:anonymous Posted 27/04/21 01:35 AM 1
    I never ordered this product or got a call but am being charged for it, i\\\'m going to cancel my account on Monday
  • 962-698-3471

    By:daniel blanco Posted 17/03/21 21:58 PM 1
    VIVINT Security is a ligit alarm company.
  • 962-660-5526

    By:dagmar morin Posted 19/01/21 20:48 PM 1
    I checked the name \"Cardon Healthcare\" online.  The website states it is a collection agency
  • 962-312-5485

    By:anonymous Posted 06/09/20 04:33 AM 20
    A foreign woman was giving me a last chance to pay an amount owed to an account. Advised to press one. Pressed one and a foreign man started the same speech.