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Area Code 945 Prefixes

  • 945-214-6151

    By:anonymous Posted 19/03/22 06:47 AM 1
  • 945-218-3693

    By:پارسا گلشن Posted 26/02/22 10:17 AM 1
  • 945-214-2665

    By:eivind alsos Posted 20/02/22 02:57 AM 1
  • 945-345-2026

    By:anonymous Posted 04/02/22 12:05 PM 1
  • 945-899-4447

    By:anonymous Posted 22/01/22 10:41 AM 1
  • 945-444-9022

    By:wilmer sørhus Posted 26/10/21 19:23 PM 1
  • 945-245-9331

    By:anonymous Posted 03/10/21 05:00 AM 1
  • 945-400-2382

    By:anonymous Posted 22/09/21 11:41 AM 1
  • 945-234-9011

    By:anonymous Posted 04/09/21 04:11 AM 1
    Received a fax from them looking to buy product with a CC. Company info says they are Richard Tech Soluction. (nice spelling r****d) The phone # listed is in Hamilton, Georgia. The address given is for the Bank of Canada in Ottawa, Ont.
  • 945-556-8217

    By:Bev Posted 02/08/21 23:13 PM 1
    This company got my home number. It is unlisted and I always give out my cell number for everything. They mentioned something about mediation and gave me a case number. I was scammed 3 years ago by Think Cash. It is an online loan company. They stole mon
  • 945-918-7272

    By:anonymous Posted 17/06/21 03:52 AM 1
    Phone number: (707) 822-9850 is located in Arcata, California, which is N. California, State. This call came a minute after a call from (626) 574-9231, same no message, and East of Los Angeles by a few miles. Both are managed by PACIFIC BELL - CA.
  • 945-814-7040

    By:Cathy Posted 30/05/21 17:39 PM 1
    Am on do not call list and this is just another one of a long list of unwanted calls. There must be a way to stop these people. They have no regard for day or time of day. I am so sick of them. If I thought there would be a real person on the other en
  • 945-773-6749

    By:anonymous Posted 07/05/21 20:29 PM 1
    no it is not possible to block this number, as i tried it myself when i called verizon they told me to either find out who this belongs to or the other option was to chang my cell phone number.
  • 945-988-0084

    By:anonymous Posted 30/04/21 17:04 PM 1
    Same story here. Getting numberous calls from this number. I wish it would stop.
  • 945-234-8358

    By:anonymous Posted 21/04/21 23:31 PM 1
    Got 10 calls from this psycho in a 3 minute time period. Every time I clicked deny the call on my cell phone it immediately rang back again, so I couldn't get to the block number screen until after I got multiple calls.
  • 945-951-3034

    By:elvin sandanger Posted 08/04/21 17:35 PM 1
    I recently was charged 89.31 by this colon cleansing cure but when I typed their phone number in the internet and read what so many people are saying about this company I knew it was a scam I immediately called my credit card to dispute the charge.jerry
  • 945-070-8629

    By:alison richards Posted 24/02/21 12:19 PM 1
    I get calls on my cell phone from this number all the time.. looking for a Teresa... I am not her, dont know any Teresa's but I can't get a human to talk to to tell them to QUIT calling my phone.