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Area Code 923 Prefixes

  • 923-130-8008

    By:anonymous Posted 12/03/22 05:37 AM 1
  • 923-345-0406

    By:anonymous Posted 07/06/21 23:26 PM 1
    They keep calling me on my work cell even after I\'ve told them to call my personal cell.  I have made all my payments to them once I found that it was a legit debt.  The one guy calls and treats me like i\'m a deadbeat.  I told him to stop calling my wor
  • 923-054-9196

    By:emmy leclercq Posted 14/05/21 00:45 AM 1
    I can understand how you feel about dead beats, but these people are calling the wrong people such as me. So before you become po\'d at everyone you should remember this fact. I do not have any delinquent debts and my credit score is over 800 so there are
  • 923-188-2736

    By:sophia fernandez Posted 05/05/21 18:20 PM 1
    Thanks for the tip...those people are cruel and relentless...and it\\\'s clear they just plain hate life and themselves.
  • 923-365-2085

    By:aparecida da mata Posted 13/01/21 21:16 PM 1
    The person who called was Amber.
  • 923-182-3508

    By:leo young Posted 12/01/21 18:12 PM 1
    Got a phone call from this strange number . I looked up the number and I think its the collection agency called Health Care Revenue Recovery Group. No clue why they're bugging me. Can anyone confirm that it's really them?
  • 923-223-1475

    By:marcos pastor Posted 31/08/20 16:15 PM 1
    this is me
  • 923-461-2225

    By:alison richards Posted 07/08/20 13:41 PM 3
    This is a cash advance company looking for lenders to be apart of their group.
  • 923-099-1708

    By:anonymous Posted 27/07/20 16:46 PM 1
    Another B S call.....don'tanswer!
  • 923-045-7600

    By:tristan jensen Posted 09/07/20 14:45 PM 2
    Received a text message saying this was FedEx and we missed a delivery for an I Phone from FedEx and need to pay $1.00 for shipping
  • 923-212-9138

    By:allie robertson Posted 30/04/20 09:10 AM 4
    Someone named “David” with heavy India accent repeatedly soliciting calls to my phone. Hang up immediately. Scam
  • 923-017-3052

    By:gaspard picard Posted 28/04/20 00:38 AM 14
    Did not leave a message..called Sunday at 9:34 am
  • 923-119-0431

    By:anonymous Posted 28/08/19 07:22 AM 17
    I received a call from this number and the man on the recording left a message stating that I should not disregard this message because it could affect my/someone's Social Security. I called the number back the man who answered had an accent. He said he