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General Information for Area Code 919
Country United States
State/Province North Carolina
Major City Raleigh
Time Zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)

919 is the area code for north-central North Carolina. Its primary cities include Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill. It also includes surrounding suburbs in the Research Triangle metropolitan region, and rural areas of Oxford and Goldsboro. Within area code 919, 7- or 10-digit dialing is permit

Area Code 919 Prefixes

  • 919-628-4044

    By:hudson jones Posted 27/02/20 19:45 PM 13
    About my social security number had been used and need to contact them
  • 919-559-7389

    By:catherine osullivan Posted 27/02/20 17:59 PM 19
    Called just now, did not leave message. Do not know anyone in Stamford NY
  • 919-618-9435

    By:lillie burton Posted 27/02/20 14:44 PM 10
    SCAM! I returned the call and it said' Not is Service'
  • 919-417-5306

    By:anonymous Posted 27/02/20 12:59 PM 7
    this number has called me multiple times
  • 919-324-1488

    By:jorim ariëns Posted 25/02/20 05:00 AM 9
    This is a robo caller. They called Sunday evening. Who would disturb someone on a Sunday evening for a legitimate reason?
  • 919-218-7917

    By:anonymous Posted 24/02/20 00:31 AM 18
    Morons at Blueline will not stop calling.
  • 919-961-6048

    By:dina rodrigues Posted 22/02/20 05:03 AM 14
    Caller never answered when I said hello
  • 919-721-1407

    By:anonymous Posted 22/02/20 03:36 AM 2
    Caller never answered when I said hello
  • 919-299-6062

    By:anonymous Posted 21/02/20 10:20 AM 19
    Multiple calls from different numbers all claiming to be from Harrison Medical Center, Bremerton Wa. 360-744-4869, 360-744-9095, 360 744-7512 and 360-744-8418. Just too many to continue to block so when answered it was for extended auto protection plan. W
  • 919-289-1364

    By:anonymous Posted 21/02/20 09:26 AM 9
    Asking for personal information
  • 919-348-4130

    By:anonymous Posted 20/02/20 09:57 AM 15
    Received a text and pic for an Rx insurance card
  • 919-307-2885

    By:anonymous Posted 20/02/20 07:07 AM 6
    they never give up, call 4-6 times a day, wish someone would make a law to stop this!!!!!!!!!madness???
  • 919-437-9089

    By:max hall Posted 18/02/20 06:09 AM 17
    I found the hard way about Jhonalyn Ancheta Layman. She friend me on facebook and that’s was the worst mistake I ever did. After we started talking and texting my life went from having wonderful wife and family and friends to nothing. I mean she destroy m
  • 919-303-9394

    By:anonymous Posted 17/02/20 20:57 PM 1
    Wont leave a messege and I wont answer cause I dont know number. Calls 4 times aweek.
  • 919-653-0790

    By:anonymous Posted 17/02/20 08:36 AM 7
    This number is not spam anymore it has been recycled and is used by a home repair service in denver and when I call family in Arizona they said it says spam its. Not true its a real person not.spam or bot at all
  • 919-590-5153

    By:jessica edwards Posted 16/02/20 13:22 PM 6
    Texts cam in in all hours, freaky stuff about 'satan' targeting me and my company and that I was in danger because of "something going on" around me.
  • 919-384-1727

    By:میلاد صدر Posted 15/02/20 21:58 PM 7
    I wish that people would maid there own business in stead of snooping into some one else business.
  • 919-537-2983

    By:anonymous Posted 15/02/20 04:40 AM 18
    Today I called this number in the middle of the day and Franz from Home Buyers USA answered, this is all the information I need to file a complaint with FCC due to violating "Do Not Call" list that I am on. I went their webpage, impressive, out of CA wit
  • 919-794-6861

    By:anonymous Posted 14/02/20 23:06 PM 15
    the text and email are saying that I have a diliquent balance with Fast Pace Urgent Care and I have never been there or to any of them anywhere
  • 919-794-3769

    By:anonymous Posted 14/02/20 13:36 PM 12