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Area Code 899 Prefixes

  • 899-760-6725

    By:alison richards Posted 26/09/21 10:12 AM 1
  • 899-288-2880

    By:alice viana Posted 19/07/21 16:46 PM 1
    I just got done working a 16hr shift and I get really stupid when I get tired. I don\'t usually answer calls from numbers I don\'t know. I wait for it to go to voicemail then decide if I should call them back. But because my car is in the shop and it\'s a
  • 899-356-4282

    By:anonymous Posted 04/03/21 23:46 PM 1
    Ryan Toon is the primary contact with me.  He keeps asking for $4700 investment.  The initial contact was with Gabe Valentino.  The calls seem very choreographed.  Gabe qualifies you and turns you over to Ryan.
  • 899-912-3458

    By:gunnar obermaier Posted 10/01/21 15:17 PM 1
    This number called at 5:40 pm 10/25/2018. No response when I answered.
  • 899-913-5855

    By:anonymous Posted 01/01/21 12:53 PM 1
    I wish these idiots that do this c**p could get arrested and really be made an example of, for others to see and discourage.
  • 899-948-5051

    By:anonymous Posted 29/07/20 13:32 PM 1
    does not leave message
  • 899-165-4093

    By:alison richards Posted 12/04/20 19:24 PM 17
    This is a safe caller