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General Information for Area Code 856
Country United States
State/Province New Jersey
Major City Moorestown
Time Zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)

Area code 856 was created in 1999 and covers southwest New Jersey, essentially the areas directly adjacent to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Area Code 856 Prefixes

  • 856-961-5008

    By:hudson jones Posted 25/02/20 11:06 AM 11
    Leaves message stating need to call to prevent money being taken out of my check account for their service. They do not identify the name of the business
  • 856-245-5728

    By:anonymous Posted 25/02/20 03:55 AM 7
    This person saying I put dirty picture of me to his son. Butvi was on a dating site and there wasn't any dirty picture of me on it. Now he wants 1500.00 from me now. If I don't pay him 200.00 on the 3rd of March I'm going to jail
  • 856-669-8755

    By:anonymous Posted 22/02/20 12:20 PM 2
    Foreign accent about Medicare?
  • 856-547-5490

    By:anonymous Posted 19/02/20 22:26 PM 18
    Credit card interest scam
  • 856-489-2118

    By:marie vincent Posted 17/02/20 11:43 AM 20
    ROBOcaller who does not take callback
  • 856-916-7492

    By:anonymous Posted 14/02/20 12:56 PM 5
    Today I called this number in the middle of the day and Franz from Home Buyers USA answered, this is all the information I need to file a complaint with FCC due to violating "Do Not Call" list that I am on. I went their webpage, impressive, out of CA wit
  • 856-497-0292

    By:alison richards Posted 12/02/20 23:35 PM 4
    Bother much.
  • 856-391-2557

    By:anonymous Posted 12/02/20 20:54 PM 10
    Fake lawyer tried to contact me from people united bank . This is very suspicious to me for a lawyer to use non fixed voip phone call from ontario California.
  • 856-214-9042

    By:julian jimenez Posted 12/02/20 08:54 AM 13
    More damned credit card rate reduction spam.
  • 856-784-4825

    By:anonymous Posted 12/02/20 06:47 AM 12
    Leaves multiple simultaneous SMS texts on my Pay-as-you-go plan, costing me $.20 per text.?
  • 856-242-8224

    By:giray demirel Posted 12/02/20 01:02 AM 17
    They came up as potential scam on my cell. I've been calling them back for 20 min just to piss them off.
  • 856-208-6588

    By:adriana vollmer Posted 08/02/20 06:29 AM 15
    Didn't bother to answer.
  • 856-779-3784

    By:evan simmmons Posted 07/02/20 05:28 AM 13
    called but when i answered there was nothing and call ended 9sec
  • 856-626-1122

    By:anonymous Posted 06/02/20 11:09 AM 10
    I cancelled this call and googled to find Nomorobo had a recording from Mike Adams, not the name at WhitePages, calling about mortgage interest rates. I called and it took forever before a ring, finally Verizon came on and said the number had been cancel
  • 856-322-1260

    By:anonymous Posted 05/02/20 12:53 PM 13
    Man asked for my husband he knew make of car and said we hadn't responded to mail and we were going to miss out on car warranty. I told him we had very little miles on the car. My husband said No. It was a scam no doubt. I did try to call the number after
  • 856-638-1993

    By:núbia barbosa Posted 05/02/20 10:42 AM 5
    He says he is a debt collector. Gives no name for said debtor. Clearly a scam.
  • 856-441-5729

    By:anonymous Posted 01/02/20 20:38 PM 15
    They called once, but I wasn't quick enough to get it. Then they called again about 30 seconds later, I picked it up, said hello, but there was no one there. I said hello again, there was still no one there, so I hung up before a possible robo-call could
  • 856-250-0479

    By:anonymous Posted 01/02/20 05:24 AM 17
    A missed call I called back to get silence before answering hola bueno tarde, hola, hola, hello then a hang up. No company name.
  • 856-831-3467

    By:anonymous Posted 30/01/20 19:25 PM 13
    got number from someone saying the received grant from CATALOT FEDERAL DOMESTIC ASSISTANCE GRANT not sure if legit or not
  • 856-553-7013

    By:alison richards Posted 28/01/20 02:42 AM 13
    Unknown number left no message. Suspect a robo caller.