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Area Code 849 Prefixes

  • 849-352-8254

    By:anonymous Posted 02/10/21 13:36 PM 1
  • 849-996-7437

    By:peter-michael rüger Posted 29/09/21 09:01 AM 2
  • 849-187-2771

    By:james rey Posted 03/07/21 19:13 PM 1
    Received a call at 8:25 in the evening.  Whoever they are left a message about service verification.  I hope this is not the beginning of annoying calls everyday.  How do we stop these calls?  Does the do not call list not work anymore?  It gets to the po
  • 849-268-0099

    By:پرهام حسینی Posted 17/06/21 09:48 AM 1
    Cartel Scam calls
  • 849-816-3305

    By:anonymous Posted 08/04/21 15:45 PM 1
    i think this is from the bob diamond real estate scam sales closers
  • 849-402-7459

    By:anonymous Posted 25/03/21 15:58 PM 1
    I called the number back and get a recording for a company but I cannot make out what they are saying.
  • 849-452-1451

    By:anonymous Posted 23/03/21 20:51 PM 1
    Called at exactly 6 PM (11/26/2008) but calls from 801 in past have usually been westernwats.com with a survey, so I didn\'t answer.  By the way, I didn\'t recently buy T-mobile; I have been with Verizon for 2 years.  I suspect this is a survey organizati
  • 849-457-2183

    By:vilma korpela Posted 28/01/21 09:45 AM 1
    They can be \\\"busted\\\" for multiple violations of the FDCPA - giving personal information to people other than the person they are looking for, threatening arrest, refusing to give their company name and address, refusing to mail documentation of the
  • 849-357-6558

    By:anonymous Posted 01/01/21 10:06 AM 1
    Called for me while I was out, but refused to leave a message.  According to my son, the caller reported to be a friend of mine from church, but refused to identify themselves and was borderline rude and hung up.  When I called the number back, the caller
  • 849-859-2587

    By:ece gönültaş Posted 30/12/20 12:01 PM 1
    called capital one to find out if one of my credit cards was activethen made a transaction with my credit card
  • 849-208-1979

    By:anonymous Posted 15/12/20 03:46 AM 1
    I think it's Pioneer Credit Recovery calling. I didn't bother picking up, think it's bill collectors. If I don't recognize the number I never pick up.
  • 849-404-2268

    By:anonymous Posted 15/10/20 06:47 AM 11
    they keep calling saying they attempted to delivery a summons but no one was home they have never been to my house number they called from 307-223-1266 left vm to call 202-802-9505
  • 849-286-2087

    By:stephanie graham Posted 24/09/20 20:40 PM 14
  • 849-203-1715

    By:anonymous Posted 13/09/20 07:52 AM 17
    It isn't from Trump organization. Latest text was phishing for Biden supporters. Just a scam and not from either party.
  • 849-360-1470

    By:anonymous Posted 11/09/20 17:21 PM 16
    Caught only a part of call as I was on line when call came in. Caller said I was being billed $299.00 for something about covid. I believe it is a scam.
  • 849-284-9178

    By:anonymous Posted 24/07/20 11:14 AM 8
    Political Research survey in Michigan
  • 849-456-3211

    By:anonymous Posted 29/06/20 03:21 AM 1
    obvious scammer - - numerous hangup calls from this number in the last week
  • 849-407-7032

    By:anonymous Posted 26/06/20 09:59 AM 14
    Calling to buy my home?
  • 849-244-1331

    By:alain dupont Posted 08/05/20 19:50 PM 20
    Medicare scam