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General Information for Area Code 808
Country United States
State/Province Hawaii
Major City Honolulu
Time Zone Hawaii-Aleutian (UTC-08:00)

Area code 808 covers the developed areas of the Hawaiian islands. It was assigned shortly after Hawaii’s statehood in 1959. Wake Island is also served by 808, as its telephone communications are connected through Hawaii.

Area Code 808 Prefixes

  • 808-799-1406

    By:anonymous Posted 18/05/21 00:03 AM 1
    I received my periodic Fidelity account review call from this number.  It is legit and not a scam.
  • 808-242-9281

    By:anonymous Posted 17/05/21 14:15 PM 1
    Called didn\\\'t leave message. Glad I didn\\\'t answer. Blocked now.
  • 808-281-0172

    By:anonymous Posted 17/05/21 11:09 AM 1
    Get calls constantly from this type of outfit.  No matter how many times I list my number on Do Not Call lists, or report them, or block, they someone how get through.  Vultures!
  • 808-589-7996

    By:بهاره سالاری Posted 16/05/21 09:50 AM 1
    They called at 10:29p.m. and there was nobody on the line.
  • 808-247-7022

    By:anonymous Posted 16/05/21 04:56 AM 1
    The phone call is from Degree Match. This company is part of of ClickSpark, a direct internet marketing company. Their mission is to help working professionals to reach their goals through education.
  • 808-218-5888

    By:alison richards Posted 16/05/21 04:11 AM 1
    no message
  • 808-480-7400

    By:evan simmmons Posted 15/05/21 03:11 AM 1
    10/07/14 Did not answer. No message left.
  • 808-213-7562

    By:marcos fleury Posted 15/05/21 03:05 AM 1
    Are you an idiot.  It\'s an alatm system, previously apx and you may have been signed up as someone\'s emergency contact.  Before you say a company is bogus do some research.   Don\'t just spout off your own version of facts.
  • 808-437-0823

    By:matilda moore Posted 14/05/21 07:33 AM 1
    I have received a call from this number. Don\'t give out any information. This is a robocall and fraud and scam. Report these calls as a complaint to the donotcall registry. The authorities will check this out. oh, this call is coming from someone in Utah
  • 808-758-4525

    By:klaus-günter wasserm Posted 13/05/21 15:55 PM 1
    This phone number has called me several times in the past week. I haven\\\'t answered it, nor do I plan to, but when I called it back, I got the whispered mail message. VERY ANNOYING. I am on the do not call list, maybe I can get them in trouble?
  • 808-480-8067

    By:mathew kelly Posted 13/05/21 12:09 PM 1
    I don't know anybody in that town.
  • 808-268-2686

    By:anonymous Posted 13/05/21 08:45 AM 1
    Calls me on Sundays and last weekend on Memorial Day.Multiple times a day.  One of these days I will answer to find out what the heck they want
  • 808-572-2903

    By:anonymous Posted 13/05/21 03:17 AM 1
    When I attempt to tell them to cease and desist, they hang up on me.
  • 808-213-8335

    By:alison richards Posted 12/05/21 19:43 PM 1
    Thanks NRM&JRM...I\\\'ve been getting those calls as well and have not answered them.  We are patrons of the Met Opera so I agree this certainly seems likely!
  • 808-221-2404

    By:anonymous Posted 12/05/21 16:33 PM 1
    bon voyage I went on a free cruise! I had to pay 1500 up frontfor it to guarantee my free spot.I had a wonderful time. After it was over they told me my cardwould be charged once a month for 12 months for fees and tax purposesI owed for the free trip I wo
  • 808-315-6612

    By:hugh mills Posted 12/05/21 15:33 PM 1
    I ran to answer the call as I did not want to miss the opportunity. The jerk never allows me the slightest opportunity to answer the telephone and goes on like an express train. The moment I hang up the telephone the mad fellow starts calling once more. I
  • 808-349-5139

    By:mary lawrence Posted 12/05/21 11:04 AM 1
    Earlier this evening I noticed that I had missed a call from this number today at 2:34. I don\'t think I\'ll be taking the chance of calling it myself to find out who it is and why they called.
  • 808-201-7133

    By:sara møller Posted 12/05/21 07:18 AM 1
    I\\\'ve been getting it frequently and ignore it.  Glad I looked here.  I now question any 8xx number because many of them now are scams.  Some charge you if you answer.  I wonder if Enterprise knows they\\\'ve been hacked.  I might just call them!
  • 808-726-5644

    By:clarence hayes Posted 11/05/21 23:26 PM 1
    Just called our home phone. Came up on caller id as a us cellular number, so, like an idiot, I answered, thinking it might actually be a legitimate call from someone I knew. The caller asked for my husband by his first name. When I stated he was un
  • 808-352-1310

    By:Mike Posted 11/05/21 20:33 PM 1
    Someone calling to verify name and position. Person is an ESL speaker.