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Area Code 799 Prefixes

  • 799-885-0000

    By:anonymous Posted 18/01/22 23:30 PM 1
  • 799-112-2034

    By:darrell hansen Posted 18/01/22 20:28 PM 1
  • 799-678-4484

    By:anonymous Posted 21/10/21 15:46 PM 1
  • 799-435-1817

    By:anonymous Posted 07/03/21 18:33 PM 1
    all I got was someone saying "hello is anyone there?" several times on the answering machine. I was curious as to who it was.
  • 799-238-7460

    By:alison richards Posted 16/12/20 09:05 AM 1
    Got a call from (801) 765-4345. A \"Brett\" left a message stating that he had seen my resume online and had a high-end position in my area. (Tampa) He called the company LMH Solutions, a business-to-business sales organization. In researching LMH I disco
  • 799-108-9140

    By:آوینا پارسا Posted 12/12/20 19:22 PM 1
    Teleperformance calls on behalf of several comapnies. If you already do business with a company (for example, AT&T), we can call you. If you want your number put on our Do Not Call list, you need to call 801-257-6155 and tell the rep your number. You are
  • 799-235-6285

    By:anonymous Posted 15/07/20 00:53 AM 16
    Wanted me to send them a check or prepaid cc for direct tv promo