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Area Code 771 Prefixes

  • 771-483-2440

    By:cássia novaes Posted 09/02/22 07:00 AM 1
  • 771-198-0422

    By:vedat akan Posted 04/02/22 03:51 AM 1
  • 771-142-8176

    By:anonymous Posted 31/10/21 19:01 PM 1
  • 771-367-4467

    By:anonymous Posted 29/07/21 07:53 AM 1
    Just got a call, no message, from this number. Also got one Monday from the same number at 10:43 am (Central time). My number is a magnet for random scam numbers, though, the majority of my missed calls are from crap like this.
  • 771-344-7917

    By:hanaé bonnet Posted 23/07/21 21:34 PM 1
    Got a call from this number and it came up as Provo, UT on the caller ID so I decided to look it up and it brought me here. Guess it\\\'s nobody and I\\\'ll continue to ignore it.
  • 771-774-3873

    By:anonymous Posted 28/03/21 06:08 AM 1
    The third time these morons have called, twice today. Message slightly different the last two calls. Please tell me what the scam is. Sounds Indian.
  • 771-876-6101

    By:dagmar morin Posted 20/11/20 09:09 AM 1