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  • 767-635-4634

    By:alison richards Posted 02/07/21 17:42 PM 1
    No phone call, just notified $29.95 was taken from my bank account, apparently through my debit card. Tried calling the 801 222-5269, thinking I could talk to someone and find out what this was about. I was put on hold/elevator music forever. Then googled
  • 767-507-5759

    By:anonymous Posted 05/05/21 12:03 PM 1
    It aint NO dental company, those mother f****rs are collectors, sneeky b*****ds, nice try crakers..stop the calls, the economy is bad and Big Brother Obama is doing everything for us to get jobs,,,then after will talk Lol
  • 767-835-6077

    By:evan simmmons Posted 31/12/20 03:52 AM 1
    Constant calles from this number all day long.  No one is on the other end when I answer, nor does anyone ever leave a message.
  • 767-226-1749

    By:anonymous Posted 01/12/20 18:30 PM 1
    RE: *High* 1 of 2://BREW:0104F4BC:OZMAIL CI=77751FD57A111BF28D005A9D8A211334 MC=3 To stop these messages simply reply to*High* 2 of 2:this one (charge may apply)I would like to start by stating that I will be more than happy to sign petition if there is o
  • 767-951-1609

    By:anonymous Posted 26/09/20 08:56 AM 14
    Sorry mistake in that I said it was NOT me when the caller asked for me by the correct pronunciation of my name.
  • 767-941-1813

    By:anonymous Posted 06/08/20 16:36 PM 4
    Spam emails
  • 767-555-7394

    By:adriana vollmer Posted 21/05/20 14:58 PM 13
    The phone never rang and went straight to voicemail. This was a robo call saying: "Hi, this is Brooks. I'm not even sure if I have the right number. I hope I do. Anyway, I sent you a mailer to see if you want to sell your house. We would buy it as is, fo