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Area Code 735 Prefixes

  • 735-217-3816

    By:anonymous Posted 20/09/21 09:08 AM 1
  • 735-467-1369

    By:anonymous Posted 16/08/21 15:50 PM 1
    Called on every number I own, and left messages... but the messages are static interspersed with beeps. Not useful.
  • 735-252-1118

    By:ewout van huis Posted 11/03/21 05:20 AM 1
    i have been receiving call from this number 7-8 times a day for the last 3 days. Even today which is a Sunday
  • 735-207-8640

    By:evan simmmons Posted 28/02/21 22:09 PM 1
    I got a call from 81-623-4627 and it is not the first time. What is this about?
  • 735-162-0488

    By:tyler jennings Posted 17/02/21 04:20 AM 1
    said they were FDR and they wanted me to confirm some personal info for them. I of course refused and they hung up on me.
  • 735-834-4444

    By:anonymous Posted 18/10/20 08:06 AM 9
    Asked me to press 3 then a long pause, then said they don't determine me to be human" and hung up
  • 735-173-4209

    By:anonymous Posted 07/09/20 22:18 PM 14
    These people called while I was eating dinner! The prefix and first 3 digits match my number, so I'm sure it was a spoofed number. I had already blocked this number so my phone buzzed, showed I had a missed call, and these people didn't leave a message.
  • 735-585-9390

    By:anonymous Posted 17/08/20 02:17 AM 14
    was told if i would like to contribute to support the sheriff dept. the person was also willing to send a packet to my home.. not sure if this was a legit call. sorry last post was for 626 349 6551 number