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Area Code 729 Prefixes

  • 729-626-5066

    By:azélio caldeira Posted 10/11/21 11:30 AM 1
  • 729-628-4661

    By:ruby barbosa Posted 16/10/21 11:14 AM 1
  • 729-280-7403

    By:silas jørgensen Posted 09/05/21 05:56 AM 1
    They have been calling me the last two Weeks and they won\\\'t stop who are they ?
  • 729-731-4428

    By:francisco ramos Posted 02/04/21 02:46 AM 1
    In spanish wanting you to press 1 for your 2000 dollars, went dead afterwards most likely seeing if the numbers dialed answer and speak spanish.number probably spoofed
  • 729-231-6649

    By:alicja vestli Posted 02/03/21 03:59 AM 1
    i'm working with this person called Marlen Cohn right now that is trying to get me to listen to voicemail and call him back with code. I've read the scam details on several other sites that they are trying to do. use your number to set up fake ads and s
  • 729-584-7119

    By:catalina mendez Posted 07/12/20 18:34 PM 1
    I think the misspelling is a way for the e-mail to escape spam filters
  • 729-953-5953

    By:alison richards Posted 05/10/19 17:21 PM 9
    Fourth Call after 6:30 pm, Guess this Michael and wife do not get the hint so I had to block. Their recording is wanting to buy house in my neighborhood and it is time to notify FTC.