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Area Code 668 Prefixes

  • 668-232-8101

    By:alison richards Posted 22/09/21 01:08 AM 1
  • 668-829-6456

    By:molly singh Posted 19/08/21 14:55 PM 1
    Repeated phone calls that I never solicited.  Never a message left.
  • 668-767-9379

    By:anonymous Posted 20/11/20 23:39 PM 1
    Hey AliceNobody wants these calls. Do you think your alone?Who are you talking to when you say \"I DO NOT WISH/RECEIVE CALLS FROM THIS NUMBER   PLEASE STOP CALLING\" ?? Me? the other people who post here?Do you think the scammers come to this specific mes
  • 668-322-1263

    By:anonymous Posted 29/05/20 13:37 PM 15
    Called on two of our business lines, sounded like a foreigner, asked for me on each call but refused to id himself when asked to do so repeatedly. He just continued to ask if (my name) is here. I blocked the number on our private blocking system.