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Detailed information for Area Code 605
General Information for Area Code 605
Country United States
State/Province South Dakota
Major City Sioux Falls
Time Zone Central (UTC-06:00)

Area code 605 covers the entire state of South Dakota.

Area Code 605 Prefixes

  • 605-343-5854

    By:roseni barros Posted 18/05/21 05:10 AM 1
    Number called me and hung up when i answered
  • 605-519-6134

    By:rein Posted 18/05/21 04:43 AM 1
    we have received 3 calls from this number for a "free" life alert system. we already have one. each called directed us to press 5 to be removed from the calling list. yet calls continue. Caller Type: Telemarketer
  • 605-941-0558

    By:anonymous Posted 17/05/21 22:25 PM 1
    This number constantly calls.  Today I finally answered, told them I was on the Do Not Call Listand I was not interested in what they were selling and to take me off their call list.  He told me HE was going to control the conversation and I had no Holida
  • 605-809-8529

    By:anonymous Posted 17/05/21 19:13 PM 1
    Do not sign up with Realty Trac! I had the same billing problem with them. I opened the account on 9/14/09 & cancelled on 9/18/09 well within their 7 day free trial period but they kept billing me $44.95(for the next three months)under different company n
  • 605-337-3366

    By:enver sauermann Posted 17/05/21 16:37 PM 1
    I called the number back & asked the name of the company. I believe it is connected to Publishers Clearing House.
  • 605-638-4102

    By:anonymous Posted 17/05/21 03:25 AM 1
    Just talked to Jennifer at Debteaters. She cancelled my account and said it must have been bundled in with another product I bought,which was acai,and your money is none refundable. They sure made some easy money off me...Learned my lesson the hard way..
  • 605-322-4618

    By:anonymous Posted 17/05/21 01:57 AM 1
    My dad use to work for a place that conducted surveys.  The DNC list is for sales only.  Since they are only conducting a survey, your number would not be exempt from that list.  The survey is for companies planning to something in the area, usually to op
  • 605-219-7032

    By:anonymous Posted 16/05/21 22:36 PM 1
    same thing, its probably a scam...
  • 605-941-3808

    By:anonymous Posted 16/05/21 19:21 PM 1
    They keep calling and nobody is ever on the line.They call 3 - 5 times a day.
  • 605-745-8928

    By:marie vincent Posted 15/05/21 16:54 PM 1
    Calls and never leaves a message. Caller ID just says Utah
  • 605-699-3004

    By:alison richards Posted 15/05/21 14:46 PM 1
    I got a partial voice-mail that got cut off - I caught something about \\\"Global Solutions\\\" which has a website.  I had previously asked to be taken off the call list so maybe I should report and prosecute.
  • 605-208-1125

    By:alison richards Posted 15/05/21 12:49 PM 1
    I got the same message today, and I have no clue who it is. The guy who left a message called himself Philip, 888-843-7307 and I had to listen to the message 5 times before I could get the number.
  • 605-929-8630

    By:ali okur Posted 15/05/21 06:35 AM 1
    They call almost every month with recorded messages, often many times in one week.
  • 605-340-8344

    By:anonymous Posted 15/05/21 06:25 AM 1
    The caller asked me to give them the money. The recorded voice didn't tell me who I owed. When I pressed the button to talk with a real person the debt collection voice spit out that there wasn't anybody available. I have no cleu what to say or if it's an
  • 605-977-1424

    By:anonymous Posted 14/05/21 13:59 PM 1
    I asked the caller to please delete my number from their computer.  The woman on the phone told me she would not do that. This is a totally bogus operation.
  • 605-340-8342

    By:anonymous Posted 14/05/21 09:47 AM 1
    I wish I knew how to block them from my phone like that.    They are crooks
  • 605-555-9208

    By:anonymous Posted 13/05/21 22:56 PM 1
    Got a call from this number, called me by name and asked if I knew our neighbor and called his name. I said yes, he asked if I had their phone number and if I knew whether he was still working. Said he was an old friend, which I was a bit leary of the who
  • 605-886-3764

    By:anonymous Posted 13/05/21 17:51 PM 1
    Social Security scam robo call
  • 605-206-3019

    By:anonymous Posted 13/05/21 12:48 PM 1
    Social Security scam robo call
  • 605-690-6065

    By:aldónio sales Posted 12/05/21 21:22 PM 1
    Social Security scam robo call