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Area Code 564 Prefixes

  • 564-546-9005

    By:anonymous Posted 16/09/21 03:20 AM 1
    Ed Valentine 1921 Peyton Ave Burbank, CA 91504 (818) 859-7623
  • 564-397-3912

    By:alison richards Posted 21/07/21 03:06 AM 1
    Got one of these too, but on my cell phone (which I don\'t give out), so it must be a scam.  I also do not live in Utah and never have.
  • 564-654-4936

    By:anonymous Posted 28/06/21 00:13 AM 1
    This is so wrong and I\'m surprised Federal Financial Group has not been taken down yet.  They have been separating people from their money and stealing identities for 4 years now.  Why would a legitimate company:1. hide their caller id2. mumble their nam
  • 564-464-4630

    By:anonymous Posted 27/05/21 09:36 AM 1
    I keep having calls form this number. Never here anyone on the other end. I get these calls all the time. today 12.44 pm, 1/9/13 7.49pm,
  • 564-203-3019

    By:Robbins Law Posted 19/05/21 03:03 AM 1
    Calls several days a week. Won't give company name and says will call back. Tell them don't call back and they still do. Caller Type: Telemarketer
  • 564-202-0171

    By:anonymous Posted 15/05/21 03:06 AM 1
    Don\\\'t know who this is...I don\\\'t know anybody in Utah.
  • 564-888-9631

    By:anonymous Posted 25/03/21 19:49 PM 1
    Calls me more than I receive calls which is quiet ridiculous I've asked numerous times for my number to be removed from the list and still I get calls Caller: Verizon wirelessCaller Type: Likely Phishing or Scam
  • 564-479-5538

    By:anonymous Posted 17/12/20 00:04 AM 1
  • 564-397-3370

    By:alison richards Posted 24/10/20 00:12 AM 12
    Spoofed robocall unknown name ("Mark Ramirez"). Getting many spoofing calls like this. Serial harasser.
  • 564-397-3760

    By:anonymous Posted 22/07/20 00:10 AM 6
  • 564-583-8774

    By:carl jensen Posted 09/07/20 15:09 PM 15
    Social Security Card scam: SS Card deactivated. A warrant has been issued, please speak to the Agent in Charge of your case. Press 1 now. NOTE: Two additional calls came in under private.
  • 564-762-0874

    By:anonymous Posted 02/07/20 15:57 PM 7
    "MDS Communications" calls at night (8:45 PM). No message. Charity scammer. Many complaints on MDS on other sites.