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General Information for Area Code 561
Country United States
State/Province Florida
Major City West Palm Beach
Time Zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)

Palm Beach County, Florida is served by area code 561. 561 was created in 1996 when area code 407 was split. 561 was split itself to create area code 772.

Area Code 561 Prefixes

  • 561-692-7453

    By:anonymous Posted 06/08/20 17:34 PM 11
    I missed this call while in the dentist seat, research reveals VoIP Phoenix with high Scam/Fraud. I called back: Hi this is Ashley, sorry I missed your call, I'm on the phone with another client. She wants to make a fair cash offer for my home, no compan
  • 561-472-1449

    By:علیرضا نجاتی Posted 06/08/20 10:15 AM 20
    Shows BGE our electric company
  • 561-844-0016

    By:anonymous Posted 06/08/20 09:13 AM 19
    repeatedly calling from 1 423 364 3644, saying ICloud Breach.. and the call back number they leave is 208 262 0000. calling in two minute intervals continually.. called the original number back it goes to voice mail.
  • 561-314-6871

    By:riley romero Posted 06/08/20 03:16 AM 20
    Estimated caller location based on the area code for 561-314-6871 is in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • 561-255-3884

    By:anonymous Posted 05/08/20 09:57 AM 20
    Says your social sercrity number is going to be terminated
  • 561-248-1055

    By:alison richards Posted 05/08/20 01:23 AM 2
    sent me a text saying I won an iPhone 11 and provides a link asking me to complete information in the link. Does not state who they are.
  • 561-472-1618

    By:anonymous Posted 05/08/20 00:03 AM 9
    call said windows support; caller stated your yahoo account has been hacked ; had my full name and yahoo mail account; said needed access to my computer to see how from Ohio hacked it ; never give them access called Yahoo support and no such hack
  • 561-990-2571

    By:anonymous Posted 04/08/20 22:50 PM 15
    Exact dates are very important .You were born on an exact date. The "Church Age" started on Pentecost Sunday May 22,33AD. May 21,1988 was the end of the "Church Age". God's Word contains many important dates and numbers. May 21,2011 was the beginning of
  • 561-518-7910

    By:anonymous Posted 04/08/20 21:30 PM 2
    A recipient of unrequested telephone calls has currently lodged a protest concerning Unwanted Calls in Florida on 2017-06-09
  • 561-318-2859

    By:evan simmmons Posted 04/08/20 09:35 AM 16
    Female recording message this was a second warning my warranty is about to expire. "We are giving you a final curtesy call your car warranty is about to expire."
  • 561-293-2812

    By:concetta dubois Posted 04/08/20 04:58 AM 14
    Received "Text" stating my Netflix subscription needs information concerning my account and needed to be updated. Respond or will be canceled. Netflix does not have my Cell number! I called Netflix and was told they send E-mails Only! Beware...another Sc
  • 561-625-0161

    By:samson ruijter Posted 04/08/20 01:29 AM 17
    Received non-stop calls for several days. They called every ten minutes all day totaling 40 calls. The phone rang one evening at 9:57 p.m. Reported to FCC, and they stopped.
  • 561-312-7462

    By:anonymous Posted 03/08/20 19:52 PM 11
  • 561-271-1506

    By:isabella hall Posted 03/08/20 15:56 PM 20
    persistent telemarketer
  • 561-203-6670

    By:mischa lefebvre Posted 03/08/20 15:26 PM 17
    Received non-stop calls for several days. They called every ten minutes all day totaling 40 calls. The phone rang one evening at 9:57 p.m. Reported to FCC, and they stopped.
  • 561-420-7489

    By:anonymous Posted 03/08/20 06:05 AM 9
    Appears to be a scam stating my Pay Pal account has been charged more than what was in there.
  • 561-315-1657

    By:rico veltrop Posted 03/08/20 04:12 AM 16
    persistent telemarketer
  • 561-900-6679

    By:anonymous Posted 03/08/20 01:19 AM 13
    I answered this call by accident; Auto Warranty Services, VoIP Tucson Az. This will be reported to FTC. Called 7.29.2020 0921
  • 561-798-3026

    By:lorenzo dupuis Posted 02/08/20 21:07 PM 18
    Car warranty scam "Dealer Processing" call 888-240-8861
  • 561-472-1637

    By:anonymous Posted 02/08/20 15:31 PM 5
    Harasser programs robocall numbers ID "March of Dimes" to call every Friday. Serial repewat harasser.