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Area Code 558 Prefixes

  • 558-452-3508

    By:anonymous Posted 28/01/22 06:22 AM 1
  • 558-383-2479

    By:alison richards Posted 14/09/21 19:45 PM 1
    i just got the same thing as you guys.
  • 558-601-8470

    By:alison richards Posted 09/09/21 17:37 PM 1
    Same sequence of events and same phone numbers for me today as well.
  • 558-068-0996

    By:okan çetin Posted 24/08/21 20:08 PM 1
    Got a call from here. Did not pick up. Putting on block after seeing the comments here.
  • 558-513-0021

    By:max hall Posted 15/08/21 16:00 PM 1
    I honestly think certain companies like AllState Insurance are selling our information to other telemarketing companies. I\\\'ve had my cell phone for a little over a year, but I kept my number super private and barely ever use it or give the number out.
  • 558-427-8223

    By:anonymous Posted 07/07/21 14:34 PM 1
    Picked up, then hung up on call (so it wouldn\'t go to voice machine). Then it tried to send a fax. Which is why the recorded voice may have wanted you to hit #, according to other comments.
  • 558-566-6362

    By:anonymous Posted 05/07/21 13:41 PM 1
    I believe a robo dialer is being used - there are sometimes numerous calls in a day with no message left.
  • 558-897-0742

    By:alison richards Posted 05/06/21 09:45 AM 1
    I just saw this on my husbands cell phone. trying to figure out what it is and how he came to this. is there a website to go to. the address has a number in front of it. how do i get to the bottom of it? Help
  • 558-291-0150

    By:anonymous Posted 24/04/21 11:59 AM 1
    Let voice mail pick up and they hung up without a message.
  • 558-592-8798

    By:tiago bonnet Posted 18/04/21 06:42 AM 1
    received 5 calls from \"801-847-7006 User\" in an hours time. I do not answer calls I do not recognize, and no message is left. These calls started tonight at 7:30 pm. If they can bother to call my number the least they can do is to leave a message!!
  • 558-212-4463

    By:anonymous Posted 21/03/21 15:31 PM 1
    Pretty sure it's a scam. Called my cell and asked for my husband's first name combined with my maiden name. Gave an old address to "verify" that I haven't lived at for years. When I wouldn't verify any information he told me he was collecting on a debt- o
  • 558-899-2445

    By:louis chen Posted 15/03/21 12:42 PM 1
    got a call from 801 386 9787 while driving. Didn\'t know who it was, so I looked it up on the Internet and got this website. I didn\'t take the call and there was no voicemail left. This is an AT&T corporate account cell phone with an unlisted number.
  • 558-191-8865

    By:barb armstrong Posted 12/03/21 21:23 PM 1
    Yup, just did thing with legal zoom thing and yes, that number is calling me...I KNEW I should not have used a good number for it...grrrrrrr
  • 558-182-6940

    By:anonymous Posted 28/02/21 05:19 AM 1
    I resent these calls late at night on a weekend
  • 558-681-6978

    By:دانیال علیزاده Posted 10/02/21 07:19 AM 1
    I had very disturbing phone call from someone asking for some person I've never heard of. I told him he had the wrong number and he was like " No I don't think I did sweetheart. Your voice is so sweet. It's so nice." He sounded like he was drunk.. and I a
  • 558-023-9692

    By:ariane miller Posted 11/01/21 12:22 PM 1
    Carrier is Pac-West Telecomm.