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Area Code 554 Prefixes

  • 554-494-4185

    By:fiona howell Posted 25/01/22 10:33 AM 1
  • 554-137-6859

    By:anonymous Posted 09/11/21 14:15 PM 1
  • 554-338-2006

    By:anonymous Posted 12/10/21 20:07 PM 1
  • 554-247-0213

    By:fabiën van campen Posted 27/08/21 02:55 AM 1
    Andrew brown from Costello & King Associates, asked to speak to the owner or Controller. Obviously a call center, SO much LOUD background noise!  He would not leave a number, 801-532-2038 is what showed up on my display.He hung up.
  • 554-468-7919

    By:anonymous Posted 05/08/21 21:42 PM 1
    Received recorded message asking to take voter survey. Hung up on them.
  • 554-905-9957

    By:anonymous Posted 29/07/21 11:14 AM 1
    They call, and when you answer, you get a recording telling you that Motor Vehicle Services has been trying to contact you about the insurance coverage on your recently registered vehicle. They tell you to call them at a different number. It is designed t
  • 554-455-9557

    By:anonymous Posted 02/06/21 21:11 PM 1
    I called them back and the greeting does not say what company they are. I seleted option "2" to put me on their "do not call list" and then you need to enter "3" to continue and it will not acknowledge the "3".
  • 554-778-8203

    By:dinorá teixeira Posted 16/05/21 10:14 AM 1
    Discover Student Loans. Calls, leaves no message. Answered, they either hang up, or it cycled, \\\"please hold for an important message\\\" for 30 seconds then hung up.They are very pesty about \\\"late\\\" payments. Payment was 2 days over due and they s
  • 554-184-7056

    By:anonymous Posted 11/05/21 20:22 PM 1
    I am getting calls on my cell by this #My plan is next time they call I\'m going to answerI have this window alarm that is really loud and shrillI am going to hold the phone up to it and set it off, LOLThat outta make me feel a little better ;)
  • 554-506-2435

    By:minea hautala Posted 05/05/21 15:34 PM 1
    Caller tried to tell me the IRS sent me a letter in May about past taxes were not paid. He said I'm am going to be arrested. I told him to pack sand and hung up.
  • 554-792-5400

    By:micheal austin Posted 25/04/21 01:39 AM 1
    Wants to lower my utility bills.
  • 554-598-4617

    By:katherine shaw Posted 19/04/21 19:54 PM 1
    They're trying to access your personal information on your cell phone or computer. Becareful and beware... its best to never answer any unidentified number to your cell or computer.
  • 554-299-9879

    By:anonymous Posted 12/03/21 09:03 AM 1
    the number called but left no message.
  • 554-399-1178

    By:anonymous Posted 10/03/21 04:37 AM 1
    received a call from 801-252-4260.
  • 554-788-0722

    By:anonymous Posted 02/03/21 22:52 PM 1
    They are trying to sell me insurance.  They got my information from the Salt Lake department of Motor Vehicles that I was paying too much on my insurance.  I have told them to take me off their call list at least twice.
  • 554-324-8954

    By:gabe evans Posted 15/02/21 19:53 PM 1
    Caller calling about Windows Security also called from these numbers... 15852439807 16075299985 18188439427 15852439807 12899145736
  • 554-771-5619

    By:abigail martin Posted 10/02/21 15:33 PM 1
    Got a call from this #. Answered it no one there. Tried to call back. Says not in use not a valid number.
  • 554-954-1136

    By:florence owens Posted 28/01/21 11:09 AM 1
    Bill collector with a lame message. \"I have been instructed to call, in relation to a matter that involves you\" Well if you knew me, you would address me by my name!!
  • 554-048-1881

    By:anonymous Posted 31/12/20 13:34 PM 1
    There are no reports regarding phone number 954-226-8050..
  • 554-230-3703

    By:anonymous Posted 03/10/20 18:10 PM 18
    Called me twice, the first time my phone rang once and they hung up, usually a sign of spam callers so I didn't pick up the second time they called.