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Area Code 552 Prefixes

  • 552-963-8508

    By:samuel wirtanen Posted 06/03/22 06:55 AM 1
  • 552-298-7031

    By:filomena pierre Posted 15/02/22 10:29 AM 1
  • 552-953-5074

    By:anonymous Posted 06/02/22 23:00 PM 1
  • 552-331-6348

    By:alicia bouchard Posted 29/09/21 01:12 AM 1
  • 552-301-4656

    By:alison richards Posted 07/09/21 01:32 AM 1
    this number calls me everyday i am sick of it
  • 552-099-0994

    By:loretta barrett Posted 30/08/21 15:28 PM 1
    This number and other numbers they use, call constantly and when told to stop they call back using another number. How many numbers do they have anyway? They won\\\'t leave a message. They say they are Bank of America wanting us to take some kind of insur
  • 552-659-7069

    By:hafize van domselaar Posted 07/08/21 07:16 AM 1
    We received a call from 480-567-0623 today which is a company ESA.  I think they are the same as the above phone number.  They called about improving the cost of utilities in our home.  I bit, as a sucker would, and scheduled an appointment tomorrow.  Aft
  • 552-537-7137

    By:anonymous Posted 03/08/21 12:35 PM 1
    It hung up on me - wish we could stop this crap!
  • 552-597-4570

    By:anonymous Posted 28/07/21 11:15 AM 1
    Phone rings at anytime but no message, it is blank.
  • 552-683-4256

    By:asuncion gonzalez Posted 27/07/21 06:42 AM 1
    Received a call from \\\"Unknown Caller - 801.823.2032\\\" saying they were conducting a survey on behalf of FedEd-Kinko\\\'s about my recent order with FedEd-Kinko\\\'s. He had all the facts correct about date of order, and which store it was processed i
  • 552-774-9427

    By:alison richards Posted 30/04/21 22:16 PM 1
    Keep getting calls from this number. It sounds like children swearing at me in english then spanish. I called back and it said the number didnt exist.
  • 552-192-3529

    By:anonymous Posted 21/02/21 10:06 AM 1
    These people call and call and call. No message, no company name, no ID to identify them so they can be reported for harassment. So I guess if they want to call me again from today\'s date it will be considered as that harassment, period so be advised don
  • 552-415-9099

    By:emily brar Posted 16/02/21 18:35 PM 1
    Listened to a message from this number stating that I had an alleged charge filed against me and to avoid my license being suspended, that i need to have either myself or attorney to give them a call ASAP. The number 4702229318. First of all, if it was a
  • 552-231-7814

    By:alison richards Posted 13/02/21 04:28 AM 1
    It\\\'s someone in prison in the US trying to call you.
  • 552-621-7428

    By:veeti hanninen Posted 01/02/21 13:01 PM 1
    Check # to determine how important on scale 1 thru 10
  • 552-569-3458

    By:anonymous Posted 16/01/21 20:01 PM 1
    Y,949,3241709,Robo scammer pretending to be a lawyer.
  • 552-031-1919

    By:vernon dunn Posted 03/09/20 01:45 AM 13
    Caller said I should call to avoid going to court for criminal federal offense.