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Area Code 525 Prefixes

  • 525-587-8446

    By:anonymous Posted 03/12/21 11:17 AM 1
  • 525-555-1593

    By:alison richards Posted 31/08/21 21:04 PM 1
    Wanting my DOB and other personal info...and wanted to know if I wanted a precription refilled...weird. Someone needs to follow up on this scam.
  • 525-545-7318

    By:anonymous Posted 19/03/21 08:50 AM 1
    This is becoming harassment as the calls come in multiple times a day and they do not honor my request of not calling me again.
  • 525-626-4314

    By:branko bollmann Posted 01/03/21 11:58 AM 1
  • 525-565-1025

    By:anonymous Posted 22/02/21 19:56 PM 1
    I replied STOP to the number and it stopped but I was chaged .25 for an international text message. After talking to the first rep was when I found the number on my bill and googled it to find this blog. I talked to another rep who was able to make sure p
  • 525-551-5691

    By:alison richards Posted 20/12/20 14:41 PM 1
    The calls are getting on my nerves as the agents who telephone keep on complaining about the same matter every day during every call. When I visited the butcher's shop one of the workers received a telephone call from the same caller. The individual who r
  • 525-525-4095

    By:alison richards Posted 04/12/20 10:54 AM 1
    Calls repeatedly. No one there. Calls back go to standard BS verizon voice mail.
  • 525-683-1921

    By:anonymous Posted 19/11/20 19:30 PM 1
    it was a recording.
  • 525-555-0772

    By:alison richards Posted 09/11/20 09:12 AM 1
    I get a recording that says the Verizon customer is unavailable, please try your call again.