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Area Code 523 Prefixes

  • 523-686-2777

    By:anonymous Posted 08/11/21 09:45 AM 1
  • 523-340-5254

    By:alison richards Posted 01/09/21 07:07 AM 1
    i keep getting calls from area codes that are totally unfamiliar to me.  this # was one of them,  i didnt answer
  • 523-333-2570

    By:lara teunis Posted 29/07/21 09:09 AM 1
    How do I stop these robo calls?
  • 523-338-2929

    By:anonymous Posted 06/06/21 04:48 AM 1
    Called twice. First time left message that was nothing but music, no voice message. About thirty minutes later called again but didn't leave message at all.
  • 523-329-6931

    By:edith soto Posted 31/03/21 21:19 PM 1
    Personally, I don\\\'t think the Do Not Call Registry does a bit of good.  In fact, I think I\\\'ve received more skank calls now that our number is on the registry.My next step is to try and tie up these scam lines by handing them other scam line numbers
  • 523-329-6318

    By:ryder gauthier Posted 29/03/21 15:15 PM 1
    801-803-6858 called me twice, once on 3-30 at 7:30pm and then on 3-31 at 9:38am.  I am on the \"Do not call list\" but that means nothing, I have been getting all kinds of calls lately.  Getting tired of it.  Need to find out who to report this too.  Also
  • 523-561-8219

    By:alison richards Posted 15/12/20 18:50 PM 1
    number calls but no one answers.
  • 523-488-5338

    By:anonymous Posted 04/12/19 21:10 PM 1
    They call my job number three times and did not leave any voice messages. I was not at my desk when they called at 9:35 am, 9:37 am, and 9:38 am. You would think if this was so important they would have left a voice message.