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Area Code 447 Prefixes

  • 447-442-1832

    By:kasper nevala Posted 11/03/22 07:19 AM 1
  • 447-784-6834

    By:anonymous Posted 25/02/22 06:15 AM 1
  • 447-448-3719

    By:anonymous Posted 02/01/22 00:55 AM 1
  • 447-818-5233

    By:anonymous Posted 22/10/21 05:41 AM 1
  • 447-928-7039

    By:aria moore Posted 30/08/21 01:55 AM 1
    I received a call today at my home from this number, and the person hung up on me... Don\\\'t know this number and I\\\'m not interested....
  • 447-801-2712

    By:anonymous Posted 15/08/21 04:57 AM 1
    Still getting calls from this #. This appears to be a land line in Lehi, Utah.
  • 447-904-1966

    By:anonymous Posted 13/08/21 17:46 PM 1
    Said they were calling from Washington DC with a survey.
  • 447-742-4649

    By:eugenio santana Posted 03/08/21 22:12 PM 1
    We can a call about 3 time a day.  We usually do not answer, but when we do they alway hang up.
  • 447-404-2084

    By:anonymous Posted 27/07/21 05:35 AM 1
    Received call at 11:20 PM. Did not answer. Tried to call back and got "Calls cannot be received at this number".
  • 447-922-4443

    By:danielle porter Posted 11/07/21 06:37 AM 1
    He called stating that I owe $1500 stated was gonna forward my info to my local court house and severalday lafter some one called me from an area my area stated to call by 1 p.m. with the number ended up being Mr. ROBERTSON who was very rude so I Googled
  • 447-810-8034

    By:ravian teeuw Posted 01/07/21 10:17 AM 1
    The callers refuse to identify themselves.
  • 447-831-6176

    By:anonymous Posted 12/06/21 04:58 AM 1
    did not pick up
  • 447-868-7086

    By:elsie meyer Posted 10/06/21 18:50 PM 1
    He called to my job stating that he is a tax collector and that he works for the sheriff tax office. And that he is trying to collect a debt. I have never been to Texas and do not know what he is talking about.
  • 447-821-2422

    By:azélio caldeira Posted 15/05/21 16:26 PM 1
    Do not recognize the number, answered anyway and no one would speak.
  • 447-984-0511

    By:ewout van huis Posted 26/04/21 17:43 PM 1
    Keeps showing on my Caller ID.  It seems to be a fax line when I tried to call back.
  • 447-931-0922

    By:anonymous Posted 05/04/21 08:08 AM 1
    getting video text alerts at all times least 2 times a day.  I know it is a landline that is disconnected when you try calling it.
  • 447-516-2131

    By:celestine carpentier Posted 03/04/21 20:42 PM 1
    I do not answer unfamiliar numbers that call my phone, so I did not answer when this number called.  I checked my bank account and i had been charged 1.95 and another 59.90 from the same number.  Not sure what this was for; I haven\\\'t ordered anything o
  • 447-448-5663

    By:gauthier brun Posted 15/03/21 13:46 PM 1
    Wanted my Paypal account info and its very convincing its real. Beware!!
  • 447-919-6238

    By:anonymous Posted 10/03/21 20:45 PM 1
    Called for the third time today.  Said to hold for an important message.  Repeated this several times.  Then hung up.
  • 447-961-6031

    By:محمدپارسا صدر Posted 05/03/21 20:04 PM 1
    I got a call at 6:37pm on 6-26-08.  I really hate companies who thing that they can have a # with an automated person on the end and expect us to like that...???  Just for information to all those who wrote on this #...I \"personally\" like to know how th