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General Information for Area Code 407
Country United States
State/Province Florida
Major City Orlando
Time Zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)

407 is the area code for the Orlando, Florida metropolitan area, including all of Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties, as well as portions of Volusia and Lake counties. 407 is overlaid by area code 321. 689 has also been allocated as a future overlay to 407, and it’s possible that once it’s imple

Area Code 407 Prefixes

  • 407-588-0776

    By:alison richards Posted 09/12/19 13:51 PM 3
  • 407-744-1689

    By:anonymous Posted 09/12/19 07:22 AM 12
    Inappropriate obscene calls from this number. Called 18 times and left 5 voicemails in one day.
  • 407-476-5421

    By:anonymous Posted 08/12/19 22:38 PM 17
  • 407-627-0215

    By:anonymous Posted 08/12/19 18:05 PM 8
    Calls and never says anything
  • 407-252-0288

    By:barry wood Posted 08/12/19 03:17 AM 10
    This persons lead in is by asking if Muriel is there.
  • 407-495-2727

    By:laurie gagnon Posted 07/12/19 19:48 PM 12
    We are calling to refund your money as the company has been ordered to close down. Please call us on our number 713.258.7687
  • 407-459-7114

    By:anonymous Posted 07/12/19 12:42 PM 16
    Received call on personal cell phone. No message left. Note sure what to make of this.
  • 407-205-7046

    By:amalia oliversen Posted 06/12/19 23:50 PM 19
    Claiming to be the Social Security Admin.
  • 407-767-6413

    By:phil wilson Posted 05/12/19 22:05 PM 20
    I was on the phone when I missed this call, didn't ring long enough to leave a message. White Pages says VoIP and I called back, no ring, no answer but continues to say calling. I did receive a call from a similar number on 2Dec 520-759-4052 sane resul
  • 407-497-9847

    By:anonymous Posted 05/12/19 13:29 PM 14
    Scam. Supposedly some tech company server has crashed and they must refund your money. Yeah, sure.
  • 407-264-3167

    By:matej domhof Posted 05/12/19 07:55 AM 17
    Recorded message stating Microsoft Support has been ordered to close down and your money will be returned. The call is coming from the same number that you're to call; so WHY don't they have a "live" person to take your call? Considering I don't HAVE Micr
  • 407-361-9911

    By:anonymous Posted 04/12/19 02:19 AM 6
    This is a spam text for me: We wish you a happy holidays! Rest easy this season knowing that your taxes are taken care of. Call 949-503-0053 to get started.
  • 407-207-6584

    By:anonymous Posted 03/12/19 14:54 PM 16
  • 407-732-2417

    By:Anonymous Posted 03/12/19 01:32 AM 3
    Forgot to mention...whatever robot they use to call, turns my ringer off. I watch. They call sometimes very late and on Sundays. Still haven't heard a human
  • 407-750-1689

    By:فاطمه رضایی Posted 02/12/19 20:38 PM 17
    Got text message saying I paid my tab...while I was asleep
  • 407-371-5817

    By:anonymous Posted 01/12/19 13:40 PM 10
    Called 3 times in a 10 minute span
  • 407-434-0841

    By:kasper nevala Posted 01/12/19 02:29 AM 15
    Spam call
  • 407-323-4139

    By:anonymous Posted 30/11/19 23:14 PM 16
    This number usually texts, claiming to be fundraising for Donald Trump. If that’s true, the people running it are most likely shady. I tried to get the number blocked, but I have not been successful.
  • 407-455-4062

    By:anonymous Posted 29/11/19 06:35 AM 9
    Threatening to take money from bank account, unless you call them back
  • 407-964-3244

    By:alison richards Posted 29/11/19 06:21 AM 5
    Claims driver's license and social security number will be blocked if you don't talk to their officer. Robo voice asking to press 1 to talk to officer.