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General Information for Area Code 402
Country United States
State/Province Nebraska
Major City Omaha
Time Zone Central (UTC-06:00)

402 is the area code for the eastern half of Nebraska. Originally, it served the entire state, but was split in 1954, assigning area code 308 to western Nebraska. The numbers in the 402 area code are nearly exhausted, so area code 531 will be implemented in 2010.

Area Code 402 Prefixes

  • 402-307-4017

    By:anonymous Posted 18/06/21 06:34 AM 1
    This a collection agency
  • 402-483-6957

    By:anonymous Posted 18/06/21 01:36 AM 1
    One a day
  • 402-204-4471

    By:anonymous Posted 18/06/21 01:26 AM 1
    Fraud call wanting to charge to protect your computer they are trying to had
  • 402-269-0359

    By:anonymous Posted 18/06/21 01:23 AM 1
  • 402-398-9200

    By:anonymous Posted 17/06/21 21:58 PM 1
    i dont know who it is but they called me a minute ago asking for someone i didn\\\'t know. another website suspected it/labeled it under spam number. im guessing they meant spam=telemarketer.
  • 402-361-2725

    By:christiano van de mh Posted 17/06/21 20:05 PM 1
    keep calling ,while i am at work .
  • 402-669-5882

    By:alison richards Posted 17/06/21 20:03 PM 1
    Multiple calls
  • 402-951-9326

    By:anonymous Posted 17/06/21 19:02 PM 2
    Keep on getting the same call everyday I wish that they would stop calling it's getting annoying.
  • 402-769-0064

    By:anonymous Posted 17/06/21 13:05 PM 1
  • 402-858-2316

    By:sofia rasmussen Posted 17/06/21 09:43 AM 1
    "Is Steve there?" you have the wrong number. "I am from an online pharmacy and he placed an order with us. Who am I speaking to?"
  • 402-659-1650

    By:aurore sanchez Posted 17/06/21 01:54 AM 1
    B*****ds called no message - they are now blocked.
  • 402-915-0099

    By:alison richards Posted 17/06/21 00:13 AM 1
    They still call everyday.
  • 402-671-4151

    By:anonymous Posted 16/06/21 23:32 PM 1
    hangup immediately after I answer. I'm on do not call list
  • 402-659-6369

    By:anonymous Posted 16/06/21 21:38 PM 1
    Got a cell call this morning and they wanted me to answer personal information too. They offered prizes? as if that works-to help them steal identity! Then when I told them to STOP TALKING and identify the company they went back to the beginning of the sc
  • 402-807-7240

    By:alison richards Posted 16/06/21 11:35 AM 1
    These people are relentless. They use all kinds of different numbers.They are from all over the country.They call every hour on the hour from 8am-10pm Mon-Sun.These are some of the numbers they use.I get new ones everyday. When they realize noone is going
  • 402-351-3923

    By:anonymous Posted 16/06/21 10:25 AM 1
    This number has been harassing me. I have had NUMEROUS calls. I've told them to not call repeatedly.
  • 402-999-5907

    By:alison richards Posted 16/06/21 09:54 AM 1
    Phone rang twice.When I picked up on dial tone.Caller ID gave me this #.
  • 402-339-8052

    By:آرش پارسا Posted 16/06/21 07:50 AM 1
    Got call from 661/695-5199 and clicked on option to find out more info. Hope it did not result in negative action for me. Call was to my cell phone.
  • 402-385-7444

    By:esma çamdalı Posted 16/06/21 06:27 AM 1
    Just got a call for this number.  No message - this is the second call I received from them since November of 2012.
  • 402-310-4968

    By:ruby barbosa Posted 16/06/21 05:59 AM 1
    Got a call from this number tonight--told her not to call us; she said that was \"funny\" and said that I was yelling at her, which I was. I told her not to call or we would sue. Am sick of these idiots, especially as we are on the do not call list. Have