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Detailed information for Area Code 401
General Information for Area Code 401
Country United States
State/Province Rhode Island
Major City Providence
Time Zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)

401 is the area code for the entire state of Rhode Island.

Area Code 401 Prefixes

  • 401-315-0466

    By:cooper taylor Posted 26/02/20 10:36 AM 13
    Left Message ."Dealer Services" wants to sell auto insurance. Claims I applied for insurance. Did not.
  • 401-234-8190

    By:alison richards Posted 26/02/20 09:12 AM 6
    They called. I called back and the number was "NOT IN SERVICE"
  • 401-231-3118

    By:gaspard picard Posted 25/02/20 18:23 PM 12
    Told me I was going to have to call back or have money automatically deducted from my account.
  • 401-223-7321

    By:alison richards Posted 25/02/20 12:20 PM 1
  • 401-293-4477

    By:ritthy jimenez Posted 25/02/20 11:02 AM 1
  • 401-952-4016

    By:anonymous Posted 23/02/20 02:24 AM 13
    This is a scam in that they say they have already deducted $299 from my checking account to pay for a computer service, but if I call this number they will refund my payment.
  • 401-214-0938

    By:anonymous Posted 22/02/20 10:34 AM 17
    I get a text message from this number soliciting donations. I don't know if donations go to the intended recipient.
  • 401-497-5125

    By:filomena pierre Posted 19/02/20 19:43 PM 3
    This is the exact text I received. Also, I am not Henry Vargas.... Here’s the text: ”Please call me today Henry Vargas its vital that I speak to you.” Nothing more, just that. Received similar text last week.
  • 401-228-9998

    By:anonymous Posted 18/02/20 21:30 PM 15
    ROBOcaller who does not take callback
  • 401-648-8278

    By:eevi ahola Posted 16/02/20 23:43 PM 7
    Another call from this number, I called back with number blocked: All Circuits are busy try you call later, tried this several times with the same results. From previous reports it shows I had two other calls two months ago and Whitepages is still showi
  • 401-736-4568

    By:anonymous Posted 16/02/20 04:46 AM 19
    Left no message. 0912 on a Saturday.
  • 401-223-3264

    By:alison richards Posted 15/02/20 15:24 PM 1
    A complaint was filed with the FCC on 2016-05-25 about a call from 401 223 3264
  • 401-440-7490

    By:max hall Posted 15/02/20 04:13 AM 15
    Unwanted telephone call.
  • 401-773-2934

    By:alison richards Posted 12/02/20 08:29 AM 16
    Called two times in a row within one minute no voicemail.
  • 401-531-9966

    By:anonymous Posted 12/02/20 05:05 AM 8
    This number called late, claimed that the Baker Oregon Sheriff's office had been attacked. Then said press 2 to repeat this message
  • 401-568-4178

    By:anonymous Posted 12/02/20 04:20 AM 12
    No name no message robocall "Elgin IL". Regular scammer uses different spoofed out of area numbers in harassing call pattern.
  • 401-217-2316

    By:anonymous Posted 09/02/20 16:03 PM 15
    Getting unsolicited text messages from this number about CBD products. They are violating the no-call list.
  • 401-244-7221

    By:anonymous Posted 08/02/20 13:58 PM 12
    Calls were friendly...….scam.
  • 401-944-7694

    By:النا قاسمی Posted 07/02/20 14:48 PM 18
    This call is a recorded announcement claiming to be Microsoft telling me my "subscription" is expiring on their software (that l purchased from Dell for $750).
  • 401-421-2602

    By:alison richards Posted 07/02/20 12:59 PM 10
    Was not home. Caller left message stating would be taking monies from bank account or card associate with account for service subscription in two days. Asked to call back and disassociate information to account to stop charge to account. I do not know