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Area Code 385 Prefixes

  • 385-977-7206

    By:anonymous Posted 26/02/20 01:45 AM 18
    Fake sales re: my web.com site
  • 385-351-0069

    By:edith soto Posted 24/02/20 19:04 PM 19
    Harassing calls about getting health insurance. Repeatedly asked to stop calls and texts.
  • 385-506-5754

    By:hind nieuwhof Posted 23/02/20 05:35 AM 5
    listed on ID as Maffucci Storage Months of unsolicited calls each day
  • 385-282-4790

    By:emmy leclercq Posted 23/02/20 00:49 AM 17
    This is a scam in that they say they have already deducted $299 from my checking account to pay for a computer service, but if I call this number they will refund my payment.
  • 385-229-6704

    By:هستی محمدخان Posted 16/02/20 19:05 PM 9
    scam sales
  • 385-275-3428

    By:anonymous Posted 16/02/20 01:51 AM 19
    Left no message. 0912 on a Saturday.
  • 385-225-3487

    By:anonymous Posted 13/02/20 06:42 AM 8
    Pushy man called three times in a row after I told him not to call anymore. He became argumentative and said he had only called one time before. I said I didn't care and told him not to call anymore.
  • 385-218-3853

    By:anonymous Posted 08/02/20 09:47 AM 14
    This number is spam
  • 385-297-0192

    By:بهاره سالاری Posted 06/02/20 23:29 PM 14
    Unknow caller left no message.
  • 385-297-0269

    By:anonymous Posted 05/02/20 20:31 PM 8
    Wow guys this person Jhonalyn Ancheta Layman is the biggest scammer ever. She’s took me for everything and I lost all my friends and family because of her controlling way. I’m now sorry for not listening to your advices about Jhonalyn Ancheta Layman! Like
  • 385-312-4482

    By:anonymous Posted 02/02/20 07:09 AM 3
  • 385-282-4818

    By:sybille heins Posted 30/01/20 20:50 PM 1
    third call today, told them to stop calling three times today!
  • 385-243-7026

    By:valentina noel Posted 30/01/20 15:37 PM 18
    Tried to get me to call them back - serious sounding female voice insisting I had an expired subscription for $299.95 that would be charged if I didn't call.
  • 385-887-0687

    By:alison richards Posted 28/01/20 05:39 AM 3
    Received call asking for Grandpa, very odd
  • 385-424-0516

    By:anonymous Posted 27/01/20 01:00 AM 4
    same guy same M.O. most likely using VOIP to spoof international area codes. calls randomly using different international numbers but drops the call. Thank God for CALL CONTROL call blocker.
  • 385-325-6181

    By:anonymous Posted 25/01/20 08:15 AM 12
    Scaml- claim to be Bitcoin's wrap advert for cars. They text you and will send a check for over 2,000.00 but it is actually worth way less like nothing.
  • 385-312-9477

    By:aliana aragão Posted 23/01/20 03:07 AM 13
    Julie keeps calls and saying she is from att and is calling about Platinum solutions provider for digital network, I just hung up? Dont give them info
  • 385-217-3596

    By:candela moreira Posted 18/01/20 13:54 PM 17
    Calls multiple times, no message
  • 385-831-2017

    By:anonymous Posted 17/01/20 22:47 PM 4
    Scam! Got a call from SS office! Yeah right. Didn’t get my name right, being I’ve been married for 5 years. He did get my age right, but when I asked him to give me his SS number he told me that he was calling me. So I said to him, where was he locat
  • 385-249-2043

    By:anonymous Posted 14/01/20 14:58 PM 20
    Foreigner claiming from Verizon. My account put on hold. Bill not paid and purchase of 2 new phones submitted. Trying to get approval.