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Area Code 340 Prefixes

  • 340-690-4141

    By:anonymous Posted 11/03/22 21:59 PM 1
  • 340-513-8663

    By:alison richards Posted 07/01/22 04:56 AM 1
  • 340-626-4289

    By:anonymous Posted 08/12/21 15:25 PM 1
  • 340-626-6305

    By:siiri perko Posted 15/11/21 06:23 AM 1
  • 340-774-2579

    By:alicia bouchard Posted 26/10/21 19:57 PM 1
  • 340-643-5196

    By:alison richards Posted 08/10/21 14:19 PM 1
  • 340-690-4930

    By:evan simmmons Posted 20/09/21 12:30 PM 1
  • 340-626-1690

    By:anonymous Posted 19/09/21 03:52 AM 1
  • 340-642-0279

    By:anonymous Posted 01/09/21 14:07 PM 1
    Just received call from this number on a BRAND NEW CELL PHONE NUMBER just activated less than 2 hour s ago... They had no way to leave any message as I have not had chance to activate voicemail yet.---One person at numbercop.com indicated it\'s possibly \
  • 340-773-2100

    By:anonymous Posted 21/08/21 07:50 AM 1
    He scammed me. HELP! what do i do? the carfax i ran did match what he said. He told me his name was Patrick Mckinny
  • 340-201-6969

    By:niklas lehtola Posted 19/08/21 12:49 PM 1
    calls calls calls, either him or Sasha. Who are they?
  • 340-643-5304

    By:enver sauermann Posted 14/08/21 22:23 PM 1
    Some info I got from the caller, claiming to be \\\"S. John Lemra\\\" (I had him spell it:The physical address they claim is 5348 Vegas Dr., Ste. 866, Las Vegas Nevada, 891908.He claims his \\\"Agent Number\\\" is 3125, although I found it incredible that
  • 340-227-4748

    By:herminia baker Posted 20/07/21 08:07 AM 1
    Caller called my phone five times today, didn\\\'t leave a voicemail. Tried calling them back and after being passed from operator to operator; all of which would not tell me who they were or what they were calling for. I finally gave up and hung up the p
  • 340-277-8510

    By:isabella hall Posted 17/07/21 07:24 AM 1
    No answer when I answer the phone. IF they can call me, why can't I return the favor and call them back? Not fair! Need the government to step in and make it a law that a working return number be available and ALWAYS available. Or at least DNC means D
  • 340-344-1762

    By:anonymous Posted 23/06/21 22:22 PM 1
    I called the number today and it is the Fraternal Order of Police.  I asked that my number be removed from their calling list.  I will let you know if it worked or not!
  • 340-690-9538

    By:anonymous Posted 22/06/21 18:34 PM 1
    It is a Timeshare seminar thing.  They give you free prizes and try to get you to buy Timeshares.  It is run by World Mark by Wyndham formerly TrendWest.  They normally offer a free vacation which is legit but more hassle than it is worth to redeem.  Time
  • 340-228-5145

    By:anonymous Posted 16/06/21 02:06 AM 1
    Repeat calls from Direct Tv/ even though I\'m on a DONOTCALL list!If everyone reports them this might stop!!
  • 340-690-9245

    By:alison richards Posted 06/06/21 19:12 PM 1
    Received a call from this number on Saturday (5-30) afternoon; said they were with a home security company (I don\\\'t remember the name, but it was not one I had heard of before) and that they were \\\"following up\\\" on my recent inquiry about a home s
  • 340-344-7461

    By:تینا پارسا Posted 09/05/21 19:30 PM 1
    This number has been calling my home.  We are on the no call list!  Please Stop!
  • 340-227-0824

    By:anonymous Posted 28/04/21 18:12 PM 1
    I\\\'ve been getting calls from this number for months and finally blocked the number. In one brief conversation they were looking for someone other than me and I had no idea who it was. In spite of me telling them I have no clue as to who this individual