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Area Code 263 Prefixes

  • 263-782-7698

    By:isabel wang Posted 07/09/21 10:29 AM 1
    Every so often I receive a call on my cell phone, from this number. I know no one in the Utah and have only had this number about 4 months. No idea what this is about and I never respond. ndh
  • 263-771-2194

    By:mikael manninen Posted 17/05/21 13:49 PM 1
    Dead air, no one there.  
  • 263-774-5244

    By:محیا سالاری Posted 03/05/21 19:20 PM 1
    time to pay the bill
  • 263-777-5467

    By:anonymous Posted 05/11/20 15:15 PM 1
    We have repeatedly asked each and every time to be removed from their call. 2 YEARS now, and they still continue to call. Just filed complaint with FTC and will do so each and every time they call which is weekly.
  • 263-693-3675

    By:anonymous Posted 26/10/20 03:10 AM 3
    Tech Net, Max Miller said that my email was being used for sending sex videos all over the United States. If I would log him into my computer he could fix it. I asked him if the videos were of him having sex with his dog? wonder who was the bitch? HA HA
  • 263-715-9155

    By:anonymous Posted 07/09/20 19:02 PM 15
    9.4.2020 1120; unwanted text from unknown name, Precision Opinion still needs your view on current issues. Please take our survey by 9pm 9/6. w/web address.