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Detailed information for Area Code 251
General Information for Area Code 251
Country United States
State/Province Alabama
Major City Mobile
Time Zone Central (UTC-06:00)

Area code 251 covers parts of southwestern Alabama, including Mobile, Baldwin, and Washington counties. 251 was created in 2001 as a split from area code 334.

Area Code 251 Prefixes

  • 251-234-4991

    By:anonymous Posted 18/05/21 04:33 AM 2
    Car warranty
  • 251-510-3811

    By:anonymous Posted 17/05/21 20:23 PM 1
    Spoofed Disconnected Number
  • 251-786-1889

    By:charlotte long Posted 17/05/21 05:13 AM 1
    Spoofed Disconnected Number
  • 251-487-2334

    By:giacomo van voorden Posted 16/05/21 23:38 PM 1
    Spoofed Disconnected Number
  • 251-513-5102

    By:guido nascimento Posted 16/05/21 17:38 PM 1
    Spoofed Disconnected Number
  • 251-593-8958

    By:anonymous Posted 15/05/21 01:53 AM 1
    I received the same call.  I have a resume on Monster, but it is set to private.  I went on-line to make sure.  No views in over a year.  This must be a scam.  Don\\\'t fall for it.
  • 251-454-8585

    By:anonymous Posted 14/05/21 19:30 PM 1
    Peligroso, denuncie este personaje a la Policia, con Mentiras quiere tu Dirección
  • 251-206-1058

    By:Sally Posted 14/05/21 06:12 AM 1
    message says there are no available operator's at this time. This was left on my voice mail. Number has been calling for about a week now, this is the first time anyone or anything said anything. Also keep getting calls from 763-237-3658 almost every da
  • 251-752-6477

    By:anonymous Posted 13/05/21 08:53 AM 1
    got the same thing. called back, got busy signal every time
  • 251-923-9425

    By:alison richards Posted 13/05/21 04:59 AM 1
    They keep calling my cell but won't leave a voicemail. I refuse to answer numbers I don't recognize due to all the scammer calls going on.
  • 251-689-7700

    By:mb Posted 13/05/21 04:12 AM 1
    I have started getting these phone calls anywhere from 1-3 times per day, do not answer unknown phone number calls, so I let it go to my voicemail and they left a voicemail only one time saying they were from Citibank and to return their call it was regar
  • 251-751-7635

    By:lucy chen Posted 12/05/21 15:51 PM 1
    Soy de Paraguay, recibi el mismo mensaje de un tal Mr. Don Simon, que gane 800,000,00 US$, pero no es posible tanta suerte, son estafadores no me pidieron un solo peso, pero si datos personales y cta. baqncaria, actuan en nombre de (O.L.C.) Ontario Lotter
  • 251-288-6146

    By:evan simmmons Posted 12/05/21 14:49 PM 1
    This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call list in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, and still further by playing a recorded
  • 251-680-8930

    By:bill Posted 12/05/21 05:08 AM 1
    I keep getting calls from this number
  • 251-272-4952

    By:alicia bouchard Posted 11/05/21 00:08 AM 1
    receving text from this number 1 801-222-2269
  • 251-751-9876

    By:cassandre marchand Posted 09/05/21 20:54 PM 1
    called my cell phone rang once and hung up
  • 251-355-5757

    By:carolina diez Posted 09/05/21 03:55 AM 1
    This person text me saying hi stated my name and said u there haven\\\'t heard from u in a while. When I text back stating who is this I got no reply. I in turn text don\\\'t play games with me and deleted the number. Whomever it was, when u call the numb
  • 251-216-3920

    By:anonymous Posted 08/05/21 22:59 PM 1
  • 251-387-5425

    By:anita vestbø Posted 08/05/21 13:56 PM 1
    Answered, no one there.
  • 251-714-1788

    By:émilie leclercq Posted 07/05/21 19:28 PM 1
    It is a rewards timeshare company. Spammmmmm