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Area Code 242 Prefixes

  • 242-636-5313

    By:bruce robertson Posted 16/02/22 00:03 AM 1
  • 242-828-6077

    By:emre atan Posted 14/05/21 19:25 PM 1
    Text reponding to Craigslist ad, 3rd one I've received. Told them not to contact me again.
  • 242-439-3723

    By:anonymous Posted 11/03/21 21:44 PM 1
    rings three times and hangs up. When I answer line is open but no one is there.
  • 242-357-0357

    By:ella wiitala Posted 16/12/20 13:40 PM 1
  • 242-577-2196

    By:anonymous Posted 24/10/20 02:05 AM 11
    So I can't help wondering if I am receiving another spoofed call, not a relative, Ana Martinez or Sanchez. (415) 568-0816 is a mobile number serviced by T-Mobile USA, Inc. 1405 10.22.2020
  • 242-577-2055

    By:anonymous Posted 23/10/20 19:26 PM 2
    not good
  • 242-436-1184

    By:felicia lewis Posted 18/10/20 15:37 PM 19
    ROBOCALL From David Ortiz running for election to the Colorado House of Representatives to represent District 38. Political ROBOCALLS are not restricted by Do Not Call regulations. Simply Block the number.
  • 242-426-2039

    By:sybille heins Posted 23/07/20 19:10 PM 12
    A man asked to speak to me and I asked who is calling. Instead of saying who he was, he put on a recording asking for money for the police. Why not call in your own state???
  • 242-327-7353

    By:anonymous Posted 20/07/20 16:36 PM 19
    Same thing. Just got a text saying I had paid my tab. I was outside away from all of my devices and could not have done that.