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  • 240-366-2423

    By:patricia moreno Posted 16/05/21 19:46 PM 1
    yeah me too. What gives?
  • 240-893-3083

    By:anonymous Posted 15/05/21 22:37 PM 1
    These people call repeatedly but since I have Caller ID, I don't answer.
  • 240-979-4723

    By:anonymous Posted 15/05/21 05:39 AM 1
    I received the same message 11:14am on 3/27/2014. The number 646-757-1370 claimed to be the IRS. The caller (electronic voice) claimed to be of the name Nicki Johnson. Caller: IRSCaller Type: Likely Phishing or Scam
  • 240-745-6641

    By:anonymous Posted 13/05/21 05:51 AM 1
    Its ER Solutions, Inc... A Debt CollectorI had an old gas bill they bought, and I paid it off in March, yet they called me again today June 4th to tell me I have a outstanding balance with them.I talked with Josh also.He told me they don\'t send out lette
  • 240-409-1244

    By:anonymous Posted 13/05/21 02:01 AM 1
    I called my local Citi Financial Auto office, and was ultimately directed to fax my phone number and a letter to stop calling to (888) 249-5595, Attn: Team Lead.  Can\\\'t hurt to try, its toll free.  It picks up right away to a fax tone, also.
  • 240-471-5970

    By:erna mader Posted 12/05/21 13:04 PM 1
    An addition to my last post:Why do we even have to Google phone numbers for harrassing calls?  I assume most of us are on the \"Do Not Call\" lists.  That there is even a venue for this complaint should scream to us that something needs to be fixed.  C\'m
  • 240-394-5224

    By:madeleine wood Posted 12/05/21 10:32 AM 1
    Calling from Pauling ave and e 223 st. Bronx NY. Doesn t leave a message.
  • 240-532-4453

    By:tom burk Posted 11/05/21 23:34 PM 1
    Called and did not leave message
  • 240-727-7222

    By:anonymous Posted 11/05/21 21:28 PM 1
    IT'S A PRANK CALL SYSTEM. I was at my friends house tonight and my phone rang and I answered it and they said (in a very creepy voice ad like a joker) "you've been on my mind for awhile and I finally want to tell you that I like you, the way you laugh
  • 240-546-8171

    By:anonymous Posted 11/05/21 06:53 AM 1
  • 240-476-8995

    By:roope kumpula Posted 11/05/21 01:04 AM 1
  • 240-346-7611

    By:anonymous Posted 10/05/21 20:06 PM 1
  • 240-745-8237

    By:alex webb Posted 10/05/21 11:41 AM 1
  • 240-309-6159

    By:anonymous Posted 09/05/21 23:01 PM 1
  • 240-508-2612

    By:anonymous Posted 09/05/21 06:58 AM 1
  • 240-258-8249

    By:anonymous Posted 07/05/21 16:42 PM 1
    Every day every morning we get a call at the office fom this number and no body is there. When we answer they hang up and when we call back we get a recording that the number isn'tin service. Please stop calling.
  • 240-233-8703

    By:nevaeh graves Posted 07/05/21 14:51 PM 1
  • 240-882-2970

    By:karen bradley Posted 07/05/21 06:00 AM 1
    Calls my parents often, very annoying,
  • 240-232-2769

    By:anonymous Posted 07/05/21 01:00 AM 1
    Just got a call from \"Federal Financial\", the lady wanted to speak to the owner of this number.  That one I have never heard before...I just hung up.
  • 240-366-3003

    By:anonymous Posted 06/05/21 17:55 PM 1
    M&R  DATA CALLED ME REPEATEDLY, FOUR TIMES IN 5 MINUTES!!  8:28, 8:30. 8:32  AND 8:33.I did not answer so the caller just kept calling.IDIOTS!!!