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Area Code 233 Prefixes

  • 233-567-5655

    By:anonymous Posted 19/01/22 23:35 PM 1
  • 233-559-8702

    By:anonymous Posted 24/10/21 21:10 PM 1
  • 233-241-1933

    By:anonymous Posted 10/09/21 06:27 AM 1
    Same info as Anonymous, reported 9, Dec. 2014. Long pause, static and when the man does speak it is with heavily accented words, hard to tell what was said. I hung up.
  • 233-507-4532

    By:anonymous Posted 18/08/21 20:29 PM 1
    Numbers being used are 734-418-9006, 802-503-1435, 775-800-7054, 786-345-1484
  • 233-241-1909

    By:ahmet korol Posted 17/05/21 12:11 PM 1
    CID: Out of Area. I picked up the phone on the first ring and I immediately hung up to simulate a blocked call which will not be blocked automatically.
  • 233-202-7295

    By:anonymous Posted 16/05/21 02:06 AM 1
    This is part of the reply I got from Chase Banking regarding this phone number which I reported to them: In response to your inquiry, based on the information that you have provided this appears to be an act of phishing for fraud. We will never contact yo
  • 233-546-1669

    By:anonymous Posted 28/04/21 20:14 PM 1
    Requesting call back on HVAC installs and service
  • 233-261-6922

    By:باران موسوی Posted 03/04/21 07:21 AM 1
    wow this is weird. I\'ve been talking to this guy for a few weeks now and I finally decided to Google search him and now I came across this. He did state that he\'s in a band and that he\'s going to  be a big shot some day. His phone number has changed bu
  • 233-595-3736

    By:anonymous Posted 24/03/21 18:18 PM 1
    I also called this number and got the recording to have my number put on their do not call list.  They came up as USOC on my caller ID - I do support the US Olympic committee but I do NOT want anyone calling me (ever!) at home about anything I support.
  • 233-271-4653

    By:anonymous Posted 01/03/21 06:58 AM 1
    i recieved 2 phone calls this morning . One from 801-713-2020 and the other from 800-793-0282. I am registered on the National Do Not Call registery.
  • 233-222-3322

    By:anonymous Posted 24/12/20 16:08 PM 1
    Bank card services again!
  • 233-503-6329

    By:alison richards Posted 19/10/20 16:30 PM 20
    Scam number robocall. No name no message. Scammer calls repeatedly using different no name/msg numbers.
  • 233-548-3040

    By:anonymous Posted 05/10/20 03:05 AM 3
    Strange spam calls with no talking in the other end
  • 233-279-9801

    By:marisvalda mendes Posted 25/06/20 16:02 PM 15
    got a call, but since I didn't recognize the number, I didn't answer it. I have been getting calls listed as Canby, MN and since I don't know anybody from Canby, I don't answer the phone. No message is left. they hang up once my voicemail states that I wo
  • 233-549-1208

    By:anonymous Posted 26/05/20 14:17 PM 6
    Persistent telemarketer