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  • 223-226-7923

    By:anonymous Posted 28/03/21 03:48 AM 1
    keeps calling and calling , .please see that the spam company is fined
  • 223-204-8321

    By:charlotte kennedy Posted 27/03/21 04:36 AM 1
    I have spent hours with Comcast about a modem.  I tell them it has been turned in which it was but they cannot grasp that.  a Comcast rep came too my house looking for it. I opened the door and sais come in and look. he did.  on the way out he said I do n
  • 223-229-7414

    By:anonymous Posted 06/03/21 17:04 PM 1
    Same deal, they call ..automated voice says if you aren\\\'t Sonny White, hang up... 14 days now
  • 223-231-3216

    By:herberto pereira Posted 26/01/21 06:17 AM 1
    I just got this call. It is from Salt Lake City, Utah. It only rang once and I called back and got the spanish message like everyone else.I did make an online purchase a few days ago, but I\\\'ve never gotten a phone call after ordering with this website,
  • 223-848-3763

    By:sofia richardson Posted 10/01/21 13:43 PM 1
    It is DirecTv or an agent of theirs who is trying to sell additional services. I live in Vermont too and have now blocked them from calling me from that number because they are calling my cell.
  • 223-233-3077

    By:anonymous Posted 07/01/21 13:06 PM 1
    This guy and his people stolen $10000 from me today. Made me draw my money out of my account and go buy Google Play gift card and read all the number from the back of the card for him. That's how they took my money. Scame
  • 223-205-0491

    By:alison richards Posted 01/01/21 11:54 AM 1
    The call was a cold call about home security, pre-recorded, and to my cellphone.
  • 223-666-3304

    By:anonymous Posted 23/12/20 06:40 AM 1
    The same number is calling me and asking for Ashley too.  That is weird.
  • 223-777-0521

    By:vicki Posted 13/12/20 15:17 PM 1
    Never return a call you don't recognize. If you call them to tell them to stop, they will only continue to call because they know it's a 'good number'. The only way to stop these calls is to NEVER return an unrecognized call.
  • 223-848-3609

    By:anonymous Posted 05/12/20 13:15 PM 1
    Call every day --- no one there
  • 223-203-0789

    By:anonymous Posted 20/11/20 15:30 PM 1
    Got a call from this number.
  • 223-848-0050

    By:anonymous Posted 14/11/20 12:52 PM 1
    They left a message on my machine thinking it was a human.  Anounced that they were from the \"Tarrance Group\" and asked for a registered voter in the house.  It looks like this is a Republican polling firm utilizing the services of a telepolling agency.
  • 223-208-2099

    By:anonymous Posted 10/11/20 03:39 AM 1
    I received my 1st call today from 801-785-2724...I did not answer, but went to Google to look up the number and found this site...I am n the Do not Call list and have been since it was enacted...Thanks for the info...I will be sure not to answer if they c
  • 223-206-0056

    By:anonymous Posted 07/10/20 03:10 AM 13
    Number has called consecutive week days (three times) 10/2, 10/5 and 10/6/2020 labeled Potential Spam, Gwynn Oak, MD. Left no voice message.
  • 223-206-2326

    By:dominique giraud Posted 19/09/20 11:46 AM 3
    Unknwn cell phone caller from the other side of the country in California.
  • 223-207-1502

    By:kyle fisher Posted 19/09/20 08:04 AM 13
    Have received 12 robocalls in the last two hours, each time from a different number from 408 area code in CA asking me to call this number.
  • 223-201-7380

    By:anonymous Posted 04/09/20 01:41 AM 5
    Fake number to spoofed name ID "Northrup Grumman". Get many fake ID/number calls like this from serial scammer under different numbers. Called 3x today.
  • 223-201-9195

    By:evan simmmons Posted 31/08/20 15:58 PM 5
    This number is blocked but continues to call Monday-Saturday for the last few months.
  • 223-204-5125

    By:anonymous Posted 28/08/20 11:45 AM 7
    I have had 10 calls from this number in the last 30 minutes. I couldn’t understand what they were saying because of the noise in the background. Glad I looked the number up so I could block it. It doesn’t ring through but I have another 20 calls in the la
  • 223-207-1513

    By:anonymous Posted 28/08/20 07:06 AM 15
    Text: ARRIVING EARLY: Rewards-#592-1931 is arriving today. Confirm your address here zhdmb.info/1rKu40w035