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Area Code 220 Prefixes

  • 220-900-8445

    By:anonymous Posted 14/03/21 06:13 AM 1
  • 220-200-9667

    By:anonymous Posted 01/03/21 10:34 AM 1
    Its a number that is used for surveys I have opted out of these calls at this number three or four times and I still get these call.
  • 220-200-0886

    By:alison richards Posted 25/12/20 03:23 AM 1
    calls and hanges up . i call back says not in services
  • 220-270-3550

    By:anonymous Posted 23/12/20 03:49 AM 1
    I agree why Isn't someone trying to stop these spammers? I'm on the Do NOt call list. Makes me wonder if there not using the list to call people?
  • 220-666-1187

    By:hélèna lambert Posted 10/11/20 22:53 PM 1
    THAT\'S WHY HE IS BEING SUED - FOR ILLEGAL DEBT COLLECTIONS! IRS WILL BE COMING AFTER THEM SOON FOR FILING FALSE 1099C FORMS.Missouri AG Takes on PortfolioAttorney General Koster takes action against fraudulent debt collectors--Koster says businesses trie
  • 220-325-3813

    By:anonymous Posted 09/11/20 04:38 AM 1
    I got the same message via email...I actually had to laugh..FILLED with spelling errors!I filed a complaint with the IC...Also did a reverse phone check, and it is a residential number in SC.
  • 220-203-8698

    By:anonymous Posted 04/11/20 21:44 PM 1
    Selling health insurance
  • 220-201-9621

    By:anonymous Posted 05/10/20 11:53 AM 5
    No name no message harassing late night caller. Uses different numbers in repeat calls.
  • 220-201-9620

    By:alfonso arias Posted 05/10/20 11:31 AM 20
    Unsolicited political text regarding confirmation of supreme court nomination
  • 220-444-1384

    By:anonymous Posted 22/07/20 14:17 PM 15
    Got text msg. Said debit was locked. It’s a scam.
  • 220-200-0574

    By:anonymous Posted 17/06/20 06:47 AM 5
    this number has called me 12 times in the last 72 hrs and when I answer they hang up
  • 220-519-4615

    By:anonymous Posted 11/05/20 23:16 PM 13
    Called 10 times in a 2 1/2 hour time period. Saying an account was compromised. Do not have an account with apple.
  • 220-200-0543

    By:tom burk Posted 18/03/20 03:43 AM 5
    Was asked to verify if I lived at this address.
  • 220-201-3626

    By:eren dağlaroğlu Posted 20/09/19 04:18 AM 18
    The best customer service around without a doubt! Their reps all seem to genuinely care about their customers especially in times of need like I was when they helped me! Can't begin to thank them enough! This is the way that a business should be run plain