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General Information for Area Code 203
Country United States
State/Province Connecticut
Major City New Haven
Time Zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)

203 is the area code that covers the southwest of Connecticut, including Fairfield county, New Haven, and part of Litchfield. It overlays area code 475, which will go into effect December 2009. Beginning in November, 2009, all callers in Connecticut must use 10-digit dialing.

Area Code 203 Prefixes

  • 203-517-4816

    By:concetta dubois Posted 09/12/19 19:26 PM 6
    gave me a loan for 980.00 and wanted it back bu 6:30 the next morning so they could give me a bigger loan of 7000.00 dollars... what a sucker I was...
  • 203-257-1400

    By:tonya robinson Posted 09/12/19 02:58 AM 1
    I called this number back with no answer or hang up. Nomorobo has a recording of woman speaking Spanish saying good day in two different ways and repeatedly saying hello. White pages has this number listed as high level of spam.
  • 203-900-3480

    By:vanessa hopkins Posted 08/12/19 01:24 AM 17
    This call went straight to voicemail. Very cryptic since all important info was cut off EXCEPT "Jail time and a fine up to $50,000. You need to call us before your service is suspended."
  • 203-403-9996

    By:alison richards Posted 07/12/19 08:41 AM 8
    Received call on personal cell phone. No message left. Note sure what to make of this.
  • 203-256-9850

    By:rico veltrop Posted 06/12/19 21:19 PM 4
    Robo call to lower the interest rate on my credit card.
  • 203-644-5784

    By:anonymous Posted 06/12/19 15:40 PM 1
    Calls 3 times a day, never leaves a message.
  • 203-680-8402

    By:giselda da conceição Posted 05/12/19 17:48 PM 7
    SCAM-they state they have been ordered to close down and needed to issue me a refund for computer repairs I have paid them for a couple of months ago. I have NEVER had this service nor do I have any computer access other than on my work computer. DO NOT
  • 203-917-4925

    By:anonymous Posted 05/12/19 10:47 AM 10
    Once you say your name, they give regular information about you. I repeatedly asked what my SS# was and he threatened to cut my SS# off lol. Total scam with an indian accent.
  • 203-698-1457

    By:macário campos Posted 04/12/19 18:08 PM 19
    whoever it is in Cypress, CA that calls my phone - STOP IT!!!! can't someone stop these dirtbags from constantly calling my phone while at work?? I have it blocked, too!
  • 203-581-5141

    By:anonymous Posted 02/12/19 21:18 PM 16
    I answered only because I thought it was a friend whom I expected to call to wake me up. I hung up as soon as I heard a man's voice saying something about trying to get hold of me. I have given my cell number to very few people, so I knew it had to be a t
  • 203-502-7659

    By:anonymous Posted 02/12/19 04:31 AM 2
    Someone called and said this is a Medicare specialist can you hear me. Looking for the answer yes and hung up immediately. I believe that they are recording answer to use fraudulently.
  • 203-258-0541

    By:bernhard gjerde Posted 01/12/19 20:21 PM 1
    Spam call
  • 203-942-3790

    By:ümit taşlı Posted 30/11/19 22:59 PM 14
    Annoying and persistent, unwanted
  • 203-384-3362

    By:alison richards Posted 30/11/19 22:32 PM 1
    Scam call
  • 203-550-8704

    By:ethan young Posted 29/11/19 12:55 PM 11
    866-2021-2385 claims to be a pro-Trump organization asking for money. I told them that I hate Trump and never to bother me again. Needless to say, they still call or text, so it’s probably a fraudulent organization.
  • 203-231-4050

    By:babette röhl Posted 28/11/19 22:02 PM 20
    Already did the recall but still getting called
  • 203-244-8255

    By:anonymous Posted 26/11/19 17:54 PM 20
    Pofolio Recovery Associates Debt Collector. Hangs up. Automated robocaller.
  • 203-470-7909

    By:anonymous Posted 25/11/19 13:22 PM 6
    Old lady called me asking if I had toilet paper
  • 203-233-9821

    By:anonymous Posted 22/11/19 16:36 PM 15
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  • 203-516-9475

    By:noémie claire Posted 22/11/19 00:36 AM 1
    Health Insurance