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Area Code 194 Prefixes

  • 194-183-8413

    By:isabelle thomas Posted 20/11/21 03:41 AM 1
  • 194-907-7159

    By:anonymous Posted 08/09/21 14:40 PM 1
    I have been getting calls everyday and they do not leave messages.  I called the number back and it is APX Alarm.  There is an option to be removed from their call list.  I left a message so hopefully the calls will stop
  • 194-369-3370

    By:Connie Posted 25/05/21 23:08 PM 1
    Got a text saying they wanted to talk to me about a job I applied for. This is California area code and I live in Washington state so I know I did not apply for any job from them
  • 194-746-2797

    By:kate garrett Posted 19/05/21 13:31 PM 1
    Got a call from 519 800 1046 to decrease my interest rate. They had personal info about me including my Mastercards. They charged one of my Mastercards with $495.00 which I did not agree to. They said when I called their # it was recorded that I agreed to
  • 194-268-0897

    By:klaus-günter wasserm Posted 14/03/21 04:12 AM 1
    Hangs up no message. We never anser Caller: Anonymous
  • 194-719-8285

    By:anonymous Posted 04/01/21 03:46 AM 1
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  • 194-564-7476

    By:alicja vestli Posted 18/08/20 19:55 PM 1
    unsolicited text from "Anastasia St....."
  • 194-961-5476

    By:anonymous Posted 06/07/20 06:53 AM 2
    Somebody texted me this morning offering a lot money for something unreal, and unreal web