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Area Code 191 Prefixes

  • 191-051-1909

    By:anonymous Posted 14/01/22 21:59 PM 1
  • 191-241-2007

    By:anonymous Posted 07/01/22 19:15 PM 1
  • 191-038-8967

    By:anonymous Posted 19/12/21 22:19 PM 1
  • 191-044-3361

    By:تینا پارسا Posted 20/08/21 02:08 AM 1
    They call me three times a day. Its been going on for about s month know every one I\\\'ve talked to says there nothing they can do as long as there\\\'s no threat s made or any kind of salisitation
  • 191-025-9612

    By:anonymous Posted 03/03/21 22:56 PM 1
    Robo call that did not complete after my machine picked up, left no message. Blocking the call.
  • 191-730-6598

    By:arttu rantanen Posted 18/01/21 00:48 AM 1
    I have my credit union and get a much lower rate than they can provide.
  • 191-793-6326

    By:Laurene/BC Cancer So Posted 03/01/21 16:31 PM 1
    Thank you for your posts Caller: refugee centerCaller Type: Non-profit Organization
  • 191-691-0808

    By:kenan öztürk Posted 09/11/20 18:28 PM 1
    Posted from one of their \'other\' numbers... same peopleAgency DetailsBennett & DeLoney,*****1265 E. Fort Union Blvd. #150Midvale, Utah 84047Web Address: NONE!Bud Says...Hold your nose, get ready to wash your hands, the smell from this assortment of wast
  • 191-769-0210

    By:manuel alvarez Posted 01/11/20 00:40 AM 1
    We don\\\'t ever answer calls from states we don\\\'t know because they are usually telemarketers and if they leave a message and we know who it is we will call them back.  But they never leave us a message.  Now by reading this and finding out it is Citi
  • 191-730-1939

    By:nevaeh martin Posted 30/10/20 13:11 PM 1
    This is a clear violation of the Do Not Call registry.
  • 191-325-0871

    By:rasim van der giesen Posted 18/09/20 08:04 AM 10
    no message; suspect scam
  • 191-786-5929

    By:herbert nichols Posted 19/08/20 10:54 AM 16
    called spectrum today asking if I could delay payment by 3 days, until I get paid. they said no. jerks. then they sick the robocalls calls on me. unfortunately, they have a monopoly in my area
  • 191-897-8497

    By:پریا حسینی Posted 04/08/20 16:11 PM 9
    reported many times - when are they (the people getting our tax dollars) going to hunt these bastards down and stop this crap?
  • 191-756-5807

    By:alison richards Posted 25/06/20 15:33 PM 9
    very helpfull
  • 191-821-0623

    By:ellen waara Posted 29/05/20 18:35 PM 4
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  • 191-276-4966

    By:eli wilson Posted 20/05/20 03:51 AM 7
    The phone never rang and went straight to voicemail. This was a robo call saying: "Hi, this is Brooks. I'm not even sure if I have the right number. I hope I do. Anyway, I sent you a mailer to see if you want to sell your house. We would buy it as is, fo
  • 191-779-1611

    By:alison richards Posted 10/04/20 18:56 PM 10
    Claimed to be from Allstate but hung up when asked what they wanted.
  • 191-657-2344

    By:anonymous Posted 19/09/19 20:23 PM 12
    AGAIN! This time, in a strong accent requesting to speak with owner. Credit card processing; This caller either; does not respond OR requests speaking with owner. HANG UP!
  • 191-823-3242

    By:vedat akan Posted 31/08/19 03:07 AM 19
    Total scam. Can I have your SS # so we can resolve? Uh.. no.. I don't think so. Unreal.