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Area Code 140 Prefixes

  • 140-692-7370

    By:alison richards Posted 07/01/21 13:02 PM 1
    I call back.dial in error
  • 140-240-5626

    By:anonymous Posted 04/12/20 12:17 PM 1
    Two days in a row now at the exact same time.
  • 140-033-0111

    By:axelle muller Posted 24/11/20 18:31 PM 1
    This phone number has been calling me every 1 to 2 days for the last month and a half.  I never answer, and they never leave a voicemail.  So far I haven\'t found anything online except that the number is unpublished and originates in Utah.
  • 140-870-8640

    By:anonymous Posted 13/11/20 20:40 PM 1
    Same thing -- text from the same account with the same content. I also live in SC. Definitely a scam.
  • 140-635-6630

    By:konsta anttila Posted 03/10/20 13:08 PM 1
    Repeat harassing no name no msg VOIP caller.
  • 140-524-6995

    By:veeti hanninen Posted 14/09/20 23:36 PM 5
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  • 140-749-8966

    By:anonymous Posted 08/08/20 22:38 PM 13
    calls 4 to 5 times a weeks. does not leave a message
  • 140-432-6673

    By:anonymous Posted 04/08/20 15:45 PM 12
    GOP Political call from Denver. ID "Hudson CO". Doesn't ID as GOP.
  • 140-128-5375

    By:anonymous Posted 13/07/20 01:01 AM 9
    Nigerian fraudster!
  • 140-655-1522

    By:afrânio alves Posted 04/07/20 15:47 PM 7
    This # is at it again...stating they want to know about informational things
  • 140-997-4760

    By:anonymous Posted 02/07/20 02:47 AM 20
    The Cid showed "Unassigned", which is just crazy. So, nobody knew this # & nobody will ever answer an unknown #. Too many scammers now & you just can NOT trust anybody! It was also an out of the area # that was not known. If you do NOT give these ppl your
  • 140-760-3334

    By:anonymous Posted 01/07/20 19:52 PM 18
    Text message regarding a presidential candidate not of the party with which I am registered.
  • 140-550-8594

    By:anonymous Posted 01/07/20 15:36 PM 11
    Left message saying our phone line had been shut down. Pretended to be Windstream and said it was necessary to call the number to put things right. Windstream is in the midst of Chapter 11 restructuring, and nothing in its own messages or on its website a
  • 140-555-4548

    By:hazel harris Posted 18/05/20 23:25 PM 4
    Called me verifying a purchase on Amazon for $799, if it’s use press 1, if not press 2. Hung up phone and then checked it out.. it’s a phishing scam attempt.