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Area Code 123 Prefixes

  • 123-182-4381

    By:eva wood Posted 09/09/21 06:07 AM 1
    dont know who this is
  • 123-988-6588

    By:anonymous Posted 18/01/21 23:45 PM 1
    I need to figure out how to stop these calls!! Some days they call twice a day!
  • 123-456-7891

    By:felix roy Posted 14/12/20 03:51 AM 1
    I got the call from an operator who doesn't speak clear english.Said said that she's calling from collingwood resort and that couples have been selected for (something i didn't understand) and that her manager was going to call us tomorrow. I said no but
  • 123-941-8902

    By:anonymous Posted 14/08/20 14:09 PM 17
    Just another scammer spammer @$$hole
  • 123-497-8047

    By:anonymous Posted 14/05/20 12:49 PM 8
    received a text looking me but the name was totally spelled wrong, no answer when I try to call them