360-967-5069 caller city of origin is Vancouver and the territory is United States . county is Cowlitz. Sort of phone used for calling is Landline . Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database.
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Vancouver, Washington

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  • They called me saying I owe the irs and I will be going to jail if I don’t make an agreement with them now. I told them I already spoke to the irs and I don’t what you are talking about. They said we tried to help but now we will contact the sharif....and

    By: élio silva Posted 07/05/20 10:11 AM

  • Thank You lol!! I've never owned a credit card in my life & get these calls smh

    By: anonymous Posted 07/05/20 00:06 AM

  • Same for me. Automated voicemail saying there will be a warrant for my arrest unless I call them back. Something to do with IRS. Sad that some folks fall for this.

    By: anonymous Posted 06/05/20 17:20 PM

  • Robotic voice telling me I will be “picked up by my local cops”

    By: anonymous Posted 06/05/20 04:18 AM

  • Robo call from IRS saying they were “filing lawsuit” against me unless I call them back immediately and this was my “last warning”. Glad “my government” can speak proper English”

    By: anonymous Posted 05/05/20 14:26 PM

  • It said they I have allegations against me and if I didn't call I would be picked up by my local police dept.

    By: anonymous Posted 05/05/20 02:38 AM

  • IRS SCAM couldn't even speak English.

    By: anonymous Posted 04/05/20 13:33 PM

  • I called back and said my name was James St Patrick (Ghost from STARZ tv show POWER) and that my zip code was 00123, the guy “pulled up” my information and said it showed I had an arrest warrant for tax evasion and that if I was aware, I said yes I was, I

    By: anonymous Posted 03/05/20 23:59 PM

  • The number (360) 967-5069 was reported to the FCC on 2018-04-25 for Unwanted Calls from Washington

    By: anonymous Posted 03/05/20 18:45 PM

  • A complaint for Unwanted Calls was filed with the FCC from Washington after an unsolicited call

    By: anonymous Posted 03/05/20 17:44 PM

  • Rec'd an automated message claiming to be from Treas. Dpt saying that I was gng to be arrested to the local 'cops' if I ignored the call.. Called it back and some dot head that cld barely speak English answered and I just laughed at him for being a sad pi

    By: anonymous Posted 03/05/20 05:48 AM

  • Called and said if I don’t call it back at same number I would be arrested for crimes committed with the IRS...

    By: anonymous Posted 02/05/20 14:15 PM

  • Nomorobo says this is a Scam Caller: Info: https://www.nomorobo.com/lookup/360-967-5069

    By: anonymous Posted 02/05/20 02:14 AM

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