Young, Underemployed and Optimistic

Coming of Age, Slowly In a Tough Economy

Or as Gawker puts it

Sorry Young People: You’ll Probably Never Earn Enough To ‘Lead the Life You Want’

A new report out this week from Pew Research Center backs up what most of us already know; that young people are going to have a really rough time earning enough money to live the lives of their dreams with an employee (or follow the herd) type of mindset.

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At least our age group has a good attitude about everything and in general we haven’t given up hope.  According to the report most young people are generally optimistic despite high unemployment and lack of future prospects, which is great since optimism is a requirement when building a business.

You can check out the full report here:

To summarize here are some of the key findings:

  • Young adults are hit hard by the current recession.

“Since 2010, the share of young adults ages 18 to 24 currently employed (54%) has been its lowest since the government began collecting these data in 1948. And the gap in employment between the young and all working-age adults—roughly 15 percentage points—is the widest in recorded history. In addition, young adults employed full time have experienced a greater drop in weekly earnings (down 6%) than any other age group over the past four years.”

  • Public says today’s young adults have it harder than their parents did

“More than eight-in-ten (82%) say finding a job is harder for young adults today than it was for their parents’ generation. And at least seven-in-ten say it’s harder now to save for the future (75%), pay for college (71%) or buy a home (69%).”

  • Tough economic times altering young adults’ daily lives, long-term plans

“Among all 18- to 34-year-olds, fully half (49%) say they have taken a job they didn’t want just to pay the bills, with 24% saying they have taken an unpaid job to gain work experience. And more than one-third (35%) say that, as a result of the poor economy, they have gone back to school. Their personal lives have also been affected: 31% have postponed either getting married or having a baby (22% say they have postponed having a baby and 20% have put off getting married). One-in-four (24%) say they have moved back in with their parents after living on their own.”

  • Adulthood begins later than it used to

“In a 1993 Newsweek poll, 80% of parents with young children said children should be financially independent from their parents by the age of 22. Today, only 67% of parents hold that view. Three-in-ten (31%) of today’s parents say children shouldn’t have to be on their own financially until age 25 or later.”

  • For young adults, bad times don’t trump optimism.  (As I mention above, this is great news as it takes hopefulness and optimism to become an entrepreneur).

“Among those ages 18 to 34, nearly nine-in-ten (88%) say they either have or earn enough money now or expect they will in the future. Only 9% say they don’t think they will ever have enough to live the life they want. Adults ages 35 and older are much less optimistic—28% say they don’t anticipate making enough money in the future. While young people are less likely now than they were before the recession to say they currently have enough income, their level of optimism is undiminished from where it was in 2004.”

  • Young workers feel more vunerable than they used to

“In a 1998 survey, 65% of 18- to 34-year-olds working full time or part time said they were extremely or very confident that they could find another job if they lost or left their current job. The share highly confident fell dramatically to 25% in 2009. It has rebounded somewhat since then (to 43% in the current survey) but is still nowhere near the 1998 level.”

  • College enrollment rates are tied to employment declines among the young

“A greater share of young adults are enrolled in high school or college today than at any time in recorded history. This increase in enrollment is one reason that fewer young adults are on the job today, but it doesn’t account for all the job losses experienced by this age group in recent years. The Great Recession broadly reduced the employment rate of young adults regardless of whether they were in school. Among those enrolled in school, the employment rate fell from 47.6% in 2007 to 40.7% in 2011. And among those not enrolled in school, it fell from 73.2% to 65.0% over that same period.”

Obviously this isn’t exactly “news” to most of us.  How many of our friends and former classmates are broke, unemployed or underemployed and stressed about school loans and basic living costs?  Shit tons right?

So what do we do?

It’s not all doom and gloom as there are plenty of opportunties for young people to take back the power by becoming entreprenerus.

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How do I get started?

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